Kate Middleton reveals Pancake Day plans with George, Charlotte, and Louis at Adelaide Cottage after kitchen disaster at work

The Princess of Wales apologized for failing to make the perfect pancake during a visit to a Slough nursing home earlier today

Kate Middleton reveals Pancake Day plans at Adelaide Cottage after kitchen disaster
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Kate Middleton has revealed her exciting Pancake Tuesday plans with George, Charlotte, and Louis, after apologizing for her hilarious culinary blunder during a visit to a nursing home earlier today. 

  • Kate Middleton has revealed her exciting plans for Pancake Tuesday with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, much to the delight of royal fans. 
  • The Princess of Wales spoke fondly about her adorable three children during a visit to a nursing home in Slough earlier today, after making a hilarious blunder during the centre's pancake-making workshop. 
  • In other royal news, why Princess Charlotte is unlikely to be a 'working royal' when she grows up.

Kate Middleton made a delicious post-BAFTAs breakfast this morning - pancakes!

The Princess of Wales visited the Oxford House Nursing Home in Slough earlier today, where she met with staff and residents of the family-run care center to join an exciting cookery workshop. 

In honor of Shrove Tuesday, which is also known as Fat Tuesday and Pancake Tuesday, the 41-year-old tried her hand at flipping some delicious pancakes - only for the activity to go slightly awry. 

Kate laughed self-deprecatingly after her pancake became stuck to the skillet during the frying process, prompting her to resort to a spatula to flip the stubborn batter over. "I'm going to try," she said, before warning her audience, "I think it's going to get stuck." The princess managed to flip it over, but it, unfortunately, lacked the smooth consistency she'd hoped for. 

"I'm sorry," the princess told one of the other participants. "I haven't done you justice."

Kate Middleton

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At another point of the visit, Kate admitted that she doesn’t exactly have a good track record when it comes to flipping the indulgent treat. The mother-of-three confessed that she tends to miss the pan when tossing pancakes, resulting in the batter ending up all over her kitchen. 

"I either get pancakes stuck on the floor or on the ceiling,” she told Sheila, one of the care home’s residents. 

Thankfully, Kate’s poor luck with pancakes isn’t enough to deter her from the wholesome activity altogether. When asked for an update about Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, the royal icon revealed that she and William planned to celebrate the special occasion with their three kids at Adelaide Cottage later that day. 


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“We will be making our own pancakes this evening with the children," according to Isabella Perrin for the Bucks Free Press.

At another point of the visit, Kate appeared to bond with one of the residents over a coincidental link. After 109-year-old Nora showed the princess the birthday card she received from Queen Elizabeth II on her 100th birthday, the royal realized that she shared her star sign with the centenarian. 

"It's your birthday on January 7? It's two days before mine!" Kate exclaimed. "A fellow Capricorn."

The Princess of Wales was then given a tour of the nursing home’s impressive facilities, including its award-winning garden which features pre-installed heating and lighting to allow residents to enjoy nature all-year-round. The princess also enjoyed a game of soccer on the centre’s interactive interactive sensory table, which was bought in 2020 as a creative outlet for the residents. 

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