Kate Middleton's 'graceful' response to being asked for selfie delights royal fans

The Princess of Wales reassured a nervous fan during a visit to Leeds on Tuesday after he asked for a selfie with the royal icon

Kate Middleton's 'graceful' response to selfie request delights fans
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Kate Middleton's 'graceful' response to a royal fan's 'nervous' request for a selfie in Leeds on Tuesday has delighted fans.

Kate Middleton's reaction to a selfie request has gone viral after the royal icon was shown offering reassuring words to her 'nervous' fan. 

The Princess of Wales visited Leeds on Tuesday to officially launch her Early Years campaign, Shaping Us, much to the excitement of her Northern supporters. 

As part of the engagement, the 41-year-old enjoyed a tour of Kirkgate Market on Vicar Lane, where she met with vendors and members of the public to discuss the importance of early childhood education. Her trip comes just a couple of months after King Charles III traveled to the Yorkshire city for the first time as monarch in November. 

After chatting with the indoor market's traders, Kate greeted hundreds of wellwishers lining its entrance. One exchange has gained particular traction, however, after it captured the princess giving an anxious fan some sweet encouragement. 


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"Heya," he says, prompting Kate to wave back and reply, "Morning." He then asks the future Queen for a selfie, to which she smiles and says, "Yes, you can, very quickly." 

After Kate leans in to pose for the photo, the man's hands appear to shake as he activates his camera phone. "Sorry, I'm just really nervous," he admits. 

"Please don't worry, we all get nervous," the princess reassures him.

Once the photo has been snapped, she says, "Well done, nice to meet you, take care." 

The sweet conversation has already received hundreds of comments on Twitter, many of which hail Kate for her disarming response to the man's nerves. 

"That was lovely, so naturally caring," one person wrote, while another said, "Catherine is reciprocating the people’s support in the subtle and graceful way that is her signature style." 

Kate, who wore a long green coat by Alexander McQueen with suede brown boots for the high-profile visit, also took selfies with traders inside the market. 

Marnso Mohammed, who works as a barber at the popular venue, shared his excitement to get a photo with the iconic royal. 

"I took a picture with her, I'm very happy, she's come to Leeds market we're all happy the sellers in Leeds market," he told ITV News. "I talked to her a little bit, just about the market, about life, that's it." 

On Monday, Kate announced the launch of her Shaping Us campaign, a new long-term initiative from The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood "which aims to transform the issue from one of scientific interest to one of the most strategically important topics of our time." 

In a statement, the Princess of Wales' spokesperson said: "I would say that she wants this to be her life’s work. When you think about legacy, she would want in ten years' time that we would see societal change and awareness when we come to the early years." 

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