King Charles' 'no filter' reaction to meeting Liz Truss has royal fans in stitches

King Charles made a hilarious comment when he met with Liz Truss for the first of their weekly meetings

King Charles Liz Truss
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King Charles III's reaction to meeting with Liz Truss for the first of their weekly weekly audiences has left royal fans laughing. 

Having taken the throne as King following the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II in September, King Charles began his weekly meetings with Prime Minister Liz Truss on Wednesday. 

In footage from the meeting, Liz, who took on her role as Prime Minister just days before Queen Elizabeth II passed away aged 96, can be seen entering the Buckingham Palace drawing room and curtseying to King Charles, saying, "Your Majesty. Lovely to see you again."

Muttering a reply, King Charles can be heard saying, "Back again? Dear oh dear. Anyway."

Royal fans were quick to react to the awkward encounter, taking to social media to share their amusement. 

"King Charles has no filter at all 🤣," one Instagram post read. 

"No his father," another commenter added, referring to Prince Philip's famously controversial sense of humour, with one more agreeing, adding, "He's getting more like his father everyday 🤣🤣🤣."

Other fans pointed out that Liz seemingly hasn't nailed the royal curtsey yet.

"Why is she standing like that? She needs some lessons to do a curtsy," one commenter declared. 

"It must have been the curtsey that made him say 'oh dear, oh dear'," another joked. 

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