Meghan Markle was 'scapegoat' for royals in 'war against her', friends claim in dramatic new Netflix trailer

A new trailer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix documentary makes bombshell claims against the Palace

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends day two of the Invictus Games 2020 at Zuiderpark on April 17, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands
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A new trailer for the Harry & Meghan documentary has accused the Palace of making Meghan Markle a 'scapegoat' to deflect from other stories about the Royal Family.

A new trailer for Harry & Meghan accuses the Palace of turning Meghan Markle into a 'scapegoat' to deflect attention from other members of the Royal Family. 

The bombshell statements come a week after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped the first three episodes of their highly-anticipated Netflix docuseries. Three more installments of Harry & Meghan, which has become the most-watched documentary debut on the US streaming platform, will be released on Thursday. 

A teaser for the docuseries' upcoming episodes released on Wednesday afternoon has already caused a stir online after one of its participants claimed that the Palace fed stories to the press to prevent other stories about the Royal Family from being published. 

“Meg became this scapegoat for the Palace,” Meghan's friend, Lucy Fraser, says in the short preview. "They would feed stories whether they were true or not, to avoid other less favorable stories being printed. 

Lawyer Jenny Afia also offers her perspective on the institution's treatment of the Duchess of Sussex, claiming there was a "war against Meghan" after she married Prince Harry. The Shillings Law Firm attorney also said that she has "certainly seen evidence that there was negative briefing from the Palace against Harry and Meghan to suit other people's agendas."

Meghan also appears in the trailer to give her take on the matter. 

"You would just see it play out," the 41-year-old says. "A story about someone in the family would pop up for a minute, and they'd go, 'We gotta make that go away.' But there's real estate on a website homepage. Something there has to be filled in there about someone royal."

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Peter Phillips arrive in the Palace of Westminster after the procession for the Lying-in State of Queen Elizabeth II on September 14, 2022 in London, England.

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The first three episodes of Harry & Meghan, which was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus, premiered on Netflix on December 8. 

Viewers were given an in-depth look into the A-list couple's courtship, as well as the Duke of Sussex's childhood in the Royal Family and Meghan Markle's life before she married Prince Harry. The pair also discuss their engagement story, their struggles with the media in the early days of their relationship, and Meghan's estrangement from her father, Thomas Markle

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