Prince William's painful childhood golf accident revealed as George and Charlotte get to practise on 'beautiful 9 hole course' at new school

Prince William underwent surgery after being badly injured playing golf at his own primary school

Prince William's golf accident at school revealed as George and Charlotte get to practise on 'beautiful' course
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Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been given the chance to learn golf at their new school, nearly three decades on from Prince William's traumatic experience with the club and ball sport.  

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been given the exciting opportunity to learn how to play golf at their new school - but we have a feeling that Prince William won't be helping with their training. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales's three children were enrolled at Lambrook School in Windsor last September, following the family's high-profile move from Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage. The £7,000-a-term academy offers pupils an extensive choice of extracurricular sports, including lacrosse, trampolining, badminton, squash, tennis, swimming, basketball and skiing. Its grounds also boast a 'beautiful 9 course golf course', on which pupils have been practising their swing for over a hundred years. 

On Sunday, the school's golf team, The Lambrook Golfers, enjoyed its first tournament of the year. Pupils from a variety of year groups competed in the 'The Golf Spring Medal', which was attended by parents and fellow peers alike. It remains unknown if Prince George or Princess Charlotte participated in the friendly event, but if they did, it's unlikely they'll be able to ask their royal dad for tips. 


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Prince William has reportedly never been a big golf player, having chosen to channel his athletic prowess into sports like polo, swimming and football instead. And while the future King has never publicly snubbed the slow-paced ball game, it's very possible that he doesn't have the best association with it. 

When William was just eight years old, he was injured by a golf club whilst playing with his friends at Ludgrove School. According to a 1991 report from the Associated Press, a friend of the royal heir accidentally whacked his forehead with the instrument, leaving him with a skull fracture that required surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Princess Diana rushed to the London medical unit to be with her eldest son during the ordeal, even staying overnight in a private room. William was also visited in hospital by his younger brother, Prince Harry, after waking up from the 70-minute-long the operation. 

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