Schoolgirl gives Queen Camilla handwritten note asking to visit Princess Charlotte at Adelaide Cottage

How sweet!

Schoolgirl gives Camilla note asking to visit Princess Charlotte at Adelaide Cottage
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Queen Camilla received a request for Princess Charlotte to join a young royal fan on a playdate - and it's the cutest thing we've seen in a while. 

Queen Camilla accepted an invitation for Princess Charlotte to have a playdate with an adorable little girl on Thursday, much to the delight of royal fans. 

The sweet moment took place during the Queen Consort's visit to the STORM family center, a community organization in south London that helps adults and children affected by domestic violence. Camilla flew solo for the engagement, which saw her meeting with staff and users of the service before learning all about the life-changing workshops it offered. She also cut a celebration cake and unveiled a plaque in honor of STORM's 19th anniversary. 

As the 75-year-old was enjoying a cup of tea, she was approached by the young daughter of one of the charity's hardworking volunteers. 

Charlotte 'Charlie' Rose, 8, handed the Queen Consort a slightly crumpled note inviting Princess Charlotte to a play date. 


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According to Charlie's father, Wayne Hickson, Camilla graciously accepted the message and said she'd 'definitely' pass it on to her step-granddaughter. He also told the media that the letter read as follows: 'Dear Princess Charlotte, My name is Charlotte-Rose and I'm eight.' The schoolgirl then shares details of her primary school and hometown, before asking Princess Charlotte if she'd like to have a playdate with her. It apparently ended with, "Here's my phone number, hopefully you will, love Charlie-Rose." 

Wayne explained that his daughter wrote the note on the train to London that morning after he told her the exciting news that she'd be seeing Camilla. 

Charlie Rose is now crossing her fingers that Princess Charlotte will accept her invitation, earnestly telling reporters, "I’m hoping she’ll agree, you never know, and I think I’ll go to her house." 

If the special play date were to happen, Charlie Rose wouldn't have to travel too far. The precious royal fan lives in Surrey, which is about a 40-minute drive from the Wales's family home of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. Prince William and Kate Middleton moved to the four-bedroom residence with their three children last summer, leaving behind Apartment 1a at Kensington Palace for a quieter life in the country. 

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