The sweet way Princess Charlotte helps 'awkward' Queen Camilla to 'relax' at royal engagements

Princess Charlotte and Queen Camilla appear to have a special bond, according to a body language expert

Sweet way Princess Charlotte helps 'awkward' Camilla to 'relax'
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Princess Charlotte has a natural 'ability' to ease Queen Camilla's nerves at royal engagements, according to a body language expert. 

Princess Charlotte is helping Queen Camilla to become more comfortable and 'relax' in her new role, a body language expert has claimed. 

The only daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton has made multiple appearances alongside her fellow royals over the past year, joining everything from the King's Coronation to the Trooping the Colour as she becomes an increasingly visible face of the British monarchy.

Her presence has arguably received significantly less media coverage, however, than the hilarious antics of her little brother, Prince Louis, and the dutiful observance of her older one, Prince George

Despite this, Princess Charlotte is playing an important role in supporting one of the Royal Family's most senior figures, Queen Camilla, to grow more comfortable when she's interacting with kids. 

Trooping the Colour

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"Camilla’s body language will often look awkward and wary when she is meeting small children at royal events and even her own grandchildren have been photographed playing and being tactile with Charles rather than her," Judi James tells

According to the body language expert, the eight-year-old is helping her step-grandmother "to relax a little at public events" with her natural "ability to break the ice."

James explains that Queen Camilla appears to be "bonding" with the "confident and protocol-aware" Princess Charlotte at public events, especially when the 75-year-old is "showing signs of anxiety or nervousness." The young royal's behaviour also stands in stark contrast to the playfulness of Louis, who has gained quite the reputation for teasing his elders with his cheeky facial expressions and shenanigans. 

"Unlike Louis, Charlotte doesn’t set out to entertain or to make her great-granny laugh but she does bring a touch of natural affection or curiosity that brings out a mirrored response from Camilla," James added. 

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