Prince George’s ‘super-popular, confident and playful’ best friend who helps him forget about the ‘royal hierarchy’

The future King's best royal friend ensures 'the fun-factor is still present'

Prince George
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Prince George’s best royal friend is ‘super-popular, confident and playful’ and, according to a body language expert, helps the future King forget about the ‘royal hierarchy.’

Prince George may be second in the royal line of succession but, at the end of the day, he is still a child. The oldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who recently got a taste of the boarding school life he may soon be experiencing, has to balance preparations for his future role as King with having fun just as any other nine year old would do. 

But the young Prince reportedly has a best friend who is more than willing to ensure he can let loose and forget about the 'royal hierarchy.' According to body language expert Judi James, who spoke to The Express, George has one very close friend within the Royal Family who makes him feel like just another child despite his looming royal destiny. 

Judi told The Express, "As heir to the throne George is under the most pressure of all the Queen’s great-grandchildren to learn and perform the etiquette and protocol of public royal events and with his parents and even his sister Princess Charlotte on hand to provide coaching and the odd nudge he is quickly growing into his role.

“There is one royal though who seems able to ensure the fun-factor is still present and that he is enjoying himself as he learns to cope.” 

Prince George and Savannah Phillips

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The expert, after analysing George's interactions with various family members, believes that Savannah Phillips, Mike and Zara Tindall's oldest daughter 'always looks super-popular, confident and playful' and shared that George tends to gravitate towards her bright and bold personality. 

According to Judi, George's body language when he is around Savannah suggests that he has a “certain amount of hero-worship” for her and is always seen to be smiling when he is in her presence.

A possible reason for this, Judi points out, is that Savannah 'has no sense of royal hierarchy when it comes to George' and was once even photographed 'pushing the future King down a grassy hill!'

Prince George and Savannah Phillips

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Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, finds her closest royal friend in much older royal - her mum, Kate Middleton. While all three of Kate's children share a close bond with her, Prince George has been called a 'chip off the old block' thanks to his special connection with his mum, Charlotte in particular appears to rely on her companionship. 

While the mum-of-three isn't afraid to discipline her kids, with the Princess having many discipline cues for Prince George, Charlotte and Louis, she prioritises friendships with her children as well as being a parental figure. 

According to Judi, “As Charlotte gets older there are some clear signs of not just mother-daughter bonding with Kate but also  friendship signals, too.

“It’s not unusual for a mother and her daughter to describe themselves as friends or even enjoy being ‘best friends’ but where Kate and Charlotte are concerned that specific bond might be more necessary than it is for others as being a top-tier royal can be an isolating experience and we all saw how much the late Queen always cherished the unique equality of her mother-daughter bond with Princess Anne.”

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