Where are the Royals buried? From Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle

Here's where different members of the Royal Family are buried

The procession into Windsor Castle for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral
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Following the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, many are asking where are the Royals buried?

In a procession that travelled from Westminster to Windsor, a reported four billion people across the world watched the late Queen Elizabeth II travel to her final resting place during the broadcast of her funeral.

The event answered many of the questions surrounding state funeral proceedings, such as where will the Queen be buried and will Prince Philip be buried with her? But questions have arisen as to where other members of the Royal Family have been laid to rest, including where Princess Diana is buried.

Where are the kings and queens of England buried?

The kings and queens of England aren't all buried on the same site. While 11 kings and queens have been buried at Windsor Castle, 30 have been buried at Westminster Abbey, and several have been laid to rest in other locations.

For example, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are buried in the Royal Mausoleum at Frogmore. Next to the Mausoleum is the Royal Burial Ground, where many other royals are buried, including three of Victoria and Albert's children and the late Queen's uncle - King Edward VIII - and his wife, Wallis Simpson.

Even those who are buried at Windsor Castle are not all in the same place, with some in the Royal Vault and others in St George's Chapel and the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

Who is buried at Windsor Castle?

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
  • Princess Margaret
  • Queen Mary
  • George VI
  • King Edward VII
  • King William IV
  • King George IV
  • King George III
  • Charles I
  • King Henry VIII and his third wife, Jane Seymour
  • King Edward IV 
  • King Henry VI

Who is buried in the Royal Vault?

There are reportedly 15 royals buried in the royal vault, including King George IV, Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, Princess Frederika of Hanover and King George V of Hanover.

Prince Philip was temporarily laid to rest in the Royal Vault beneath St George's chapel, but following the death of Queen Elizabeth II his coffin will be moved to the King George VI Memorial Chapel at St. George's Chapel and laid beside his wife.

The Queen's father, George VI, was also all originally buried in the Royal Vault, before being moved to the King George VI Memorial Chapel. The Chapel was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II and intended to hold members of her immediate family, and is also the resting place of The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

The King George VI Memorial Chapel is part of St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, where the funeral for Prince Philip was held as well as the Queen's committal service.

Who is buried at Westminster Abbey?

There are 30 kings and queens buried at Westminster Abbey, including Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York and Charles II.

Aside from royalty there are many other notable individuals who have been laid to rest at Westminster Abbey - such as Sir Isaac Newton - and there are memorials at the Abbey for many more, including Jane Austen and Martin Luther King Jr.

No monarch has been buried at Westminster Abbey since 1760, and most of the more recent monarchs have been laid to rest at Windsor Castle.

Who was first buried at Westminster Abbey?

The first King to be buried at Westminster Abbey was Edward the Confessor in 1066, and his shrine stands behind the High Altar.

He was one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings and was given the name 'the Confessor' because of his extremely religious quality. 

Edward the Confessor also features on the famous Bayeux Tapestry, that depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England in 1066. 

Who was the last person buried in Westminster Abbey?

George II was the last monarch to be buried in Westminster Abbey, where he also had his coronation.

Following his death in 1760, he was laid to rest in a vault under the central aisle of this chapel, with Queen Caroline.

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