Why Carole Middleton's 'exciting' job news could mean big changes for the royal-in-law

Kate Middleton's mother visited New Jersey this week to mark the launch of her party supplies business, Party Pieces, in the US

Why Carole Middleton's 'exciting' job news could spark memories of her flight attendant career
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Carole Middleton's party supplies business has officially launched in the US, signifying a possible change in lifestyle for the entrepreneurial royal-in-law. 

Carole Middleton celebrated 'exciting' job news on Tuesday, revealing that she's bringing her UK party supplies business stateside more than 30 years after it was first founded. 

Kate Middleton's mother took to Instagram yesterday to share her inspiring career update, crediting 'great teamwork' for the expansion of Party Pieces into the US market. The exportation marks a significant win for Carole, who founded the company back in 1987 after noticing a gap in the market for time-poor parents looking to create special birthday celebrations. 

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Carole has now revealed that Party Pieces has partnered with Saker ShopRites in the US, with plans underway for her festive product range to be rolled out across 39 of the family retailer's stores. The 67-year-old even visited a few of the outlets this week to see her collection on shelves, traveling all the way from her home in Berkshire, England to New Jersey for the transatlantic business trip. 

Wearing a gingham blouse, black trousers, and black heels, Carole can be seen smiling brightly as she admires her Party Pieces products displayed on American soil for the first time. The businesswoman, who has previously said she has no plans to slow down with her career, also met associates and customers during the high-profile engagement. 

"We are thrilled to be the first U.S. retail partner for British heritage brand Party Pieces. We know our customers are coming together again to mark special occasions in their lives and they want to make their parties spectacular. We’re sure our customers will enjoy celebrating memorable milestones and moments with these fantastic new lines from Party Pieces,” said Richard Saker, president, and CEO of Saker ShopRites, Inc.

It's likely that Carole will return to the US in the near future as she oversees the growth of her beloved brand, which could soon be expanded across the entirety of the US. 

Luckily, the busy grandmother of six has plenty of experience traveling long distances. Carole joined British Airways as a flight attendant when she was 21, landing the job after finishing her A-levels and completing a stint as a secretary. Her time in the sky also introduced her to her future husband, Michael Middleton, who was then working as a flight dispatcher for the iconic UK airline. The pair fell in love, got married on 21 June 1980, and the rest, as you know, is history.

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