10 fundraising ideas

We've come up with 10 fantastic fundraising ideas to help you and the children get involved with BBC Children in Need.

Fundraising ideas: sponsored dog walk
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We've come up with 10 fantastic fundraising ideas to help you and the children get involved with BBC Children in Need.

Each year the UK goes dotty for one very special bear, Pudsey. It's November, and that means only one thing: time for BBC's Children in Need! It's a great time to get involved with some fun, fast, fundraising projects.

Every donation makes a huge difference, so get stuck in and help the charity try to beat last year's impressive total. Children in Need helps disadvantaged children all over the UK to live a safer, healthier, happier life, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Here at goodtoknow, we've compiled a list of 10 quick and easy fundraising ideas for you and the kids, so that you can get involved with BBC Children in Need this November. From the traditional bake sale, to the more unusual treasure hunt and sponsored silence, we've done the thinking so you don't have to.

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Got a dog that's in need of a good walk? Gather together the family, and

some friends with pets, and take them all out on a long walk. Encourage

the children to collect some sponsorship, the longer they walk the

greater the donation. They could even offer to take friends' pets out

for them. We can't guarantee the weather but we can guarantee an

enjoyable afternoon for all.

Cake sale

10 Fundraising Ideas, Cake Sale

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One of the most traditional ways of fundraising with your kids is also one of the best. The good old fashioned bake sale! Let the kids get creative in the kitchen and produce some Pudsey Bear treats to sell at school, Brownies, or to friends and family.

Follow goodtoknow's guide for hosting a brilliant bake sale.


Fundraising ideas: host a quiz

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Have you got loads of little brain boxes at home? Why not encourage some

friendly competition and organise a quiz for family and friends? Pick a

question master, prepare some fun trivia questions, and ask every team

for a donation towards Children in Need. It'll be great fun, teach

everyone a few new things, and you'll be making a great contribution to

Pudsey Bear too.


Fundraising ideas: raffle

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Ask some local businesses or mums at school to donate items as raffle

prizes. Then you and the kids can sell raffle tickets to the local

community, teachers, family and friends. Ticket proceeds go to Children

in Need. Host the draw in your home or at school (if they'll let you)

and watch everyone get excited as the winners are announced.

10 Fundraising Ideas, Sponsored Cycle Ride

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Choose a crisp winter's day to take part in a sponsored cycle ride. Whether you're joining a local group, or embarking on a family ride all of your own, make sure the kids get some sponsorship forms and collect some money for Children in Need. If you don't fancy cycling, you could run, walk or swim instead.

See our kids' balance bike guide - as tested by you!


Fundraising ideas: karaoke

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Are your kids mad about the X Factor? Organise a music night all of your

own, all you need is a karaoke machine and some eager participants. Ask

for a donation on the door and let your kids catch up with their

friends and family whilst doing what they love - singing.

10 Fundraising Ideas, Sponsored Silence

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Is your child a bit of a chatterbox? Challenge them to stay silent, and sponsor them for every hour they manage. It's a good way to collect money for Children in Need and has other very obvious benefits - an afternoon of peace and quiet!

Car boot sale

10 Fundraising Ideas, Car Boot Sale

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Is your house packed full of unwanted clutter? Get rid of it by hosting a garage sale or taking your stuff to a local car boot sale. It's easy to organise, raises money for Children in Need, and gets rid of a few unnecessary bits and bobs. What's not to love?!

Treasure hunt

Boy looking through binoculars

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You could organise a treasure hunt in your home, garden or local park.

The entrance fee goes to Children in Need, and the edible prizes (you

could make some biscuits, cupcakes

or other sweet treats for your searchers) are awarded to whichever

lucky children find them. It gives you and the other mums a chance to

catch up, the kids love surprises, and you're making a valuable

contribution to charity.

Book sale

Fundraising ideas: book sale

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Gather together some of the books your children have grown out of and encourage other parents to do the same. You can host a book sale at the school, at home, or in your child's after school club. It will encourage your kids to read new things, to get excited about books, and to fundraise for Children in Need.

Here's our round-up of the best children's books.

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