8 times you may have used your children as your mini slaves

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  • We give a lot to our children – constant care, love and attention (not to mention an awful lot of feeding) – so it’s only fair that they give a little back every now and again, right?

    We’re not talking full manual labour here, but every now and again it can be quite handy to have a little person to help you with life’s daily tasks.

    They’re so small and nippy, it would be wrong not to let them see how good they are at performing all of those lovely chores. Here are the 8 ways we regularly use our children as mini slaves. Thanks kids! 

    1. Hold the bus!

    You know you’ll never make it in time to stop the bus, but those little legs might stand a chance.

    2. Leaving an awkward situation

    Using your child as an excuse to leave an uncomfortable situation isn’t big or clever, but it is sometimes necessary. In fact, we’ve been known to ask our children to cause a fuss prior to entering said situation.

    3. That ‘fun’ new game you created… that looked suspiciously like cleaning.

    It’s just like playing mummies and daddies, except productive. Everyone’s a winner.

    4. What is breakfast in bed if not service with a smile?

    Even if sometimes it’s a little ‘interesting’, it still means you get an extra hour in bed while they open every packet in the kitchen onto the floor…

    5. Nothing on TV? What’s more entertaining than a special dance or play from your little ones?

    Which is not at all like a Queen and court jesters… not at all.

    5. Walk the dog

    It was probably your kids that wanted a dog in the first place, so it’s only fair.

    6. Giving you a head massage can be passed off as playing ‘hairdressers’ – bliss!

    Kids love playing with hair anyway, so you’re basically doing them a favour.

    7. Broken technology? Get one of your little minions on it

    HOW can they possibly know so much about phones/tablets/computers at such a young age? If you don’t use those skills they might forget them you know, so again, you’re welcome kids.

    Make them dress for your amusement

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    There’s basically no point in having a child unless you can use them as a life-size doll.

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