We defy you not to grin for a whole 4min 35secs of babies laughing hysterically at dogs

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  • Ok we’re going to put our hands up straight off and admit that this is nothing but pure, shameless heart-string tugging.

    But honestly. Cute babies giggling hysterically at their loveable family pets? YouTube, what are you trying to do to us?

    So good we’d be tempted to recommend it as a form of therapy, this video is perfect if you’re feeling like you could do with a little sunshine in your day – you’re 4 minutes 35 seconds away from pure joy dear goodtoknowers!

    We defy you to watch this and not have a huge grin plastered on your face for the whole thing. We’ve already watched it twice (*cough three/four/six times. Who’s counting really?)

    Guys, your day is about to get a whole lot better… (keep scrolling for the video!)

    This little cutie can’t contain their delight while dad plays tug of war with the dog.

    ‘Could you let mum know you’re giving me my bath today so I don’t have to double up? Many thanks’

    Yes his laugh really is as cute as his little face, if that were even possible

    These two pals are just enjoying a little chinwag, no big deal

    ‘Do I have something on my face? Seriously, what’s so funny?’

    ‘Look at you down there, poor insignificant creature, while I sit in my bath throne so high. Mwahahaha’

    Just when you thought there could be nothing cuter than babies and sausage dogs, we present babies laughing at sausage dogs. You. Are. Welcome.

    ‘Dance, dance I tell you! Man these pooches are dumb… ‘

    WATCH the full video here:

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