13 signs that prove you’re an Ab Fab mum

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  • There’s no doubt Eddy Monsoon is an Absolutely Fabulous role model.

    The fashionista, mother and wine lover is smart, sassy and hilarious – and when you think about it, actually extremely relatable as well. Sure, she may have accidentally adopted a bunch of Romanian babies and sold her daughter when on holiday, but hey, no-one’s perfect, right?

    Here are 13 traits that you likely inherited from her ‘unique’ parenting style… you’ll probably recognise more than you realise!

    1. You’re determined not to lose track of the latest crazes

    Having children keeps you young and you’re down with all the lingo. People are still saying YOLO, right?

    2. You know exactly how to cope after a long hard day taking care of the kids

    Spoiler: It’s prosecco, and plenty of it.

    3. You can navigate even the trickiest of obstacles in style

    The house is a minefield and you’ve tripped over that Peppa Pig car far too many times, but you recover with grace and poise every time.

    4. You’re not afraid to go full-on ‘mum mode’, even if it’s to a complete stranger

    You have no intention of dealing with other people’s attitude, whether you birthed them or not.

    5. You’ve got your ‘I’m just working out that homework problem now’ face nailed

    Ok it’s official – school has gotten harder since you were there. How are kids meant to know all this stuff?

    6. Your driving when you accidentally forget to pick the kids up from school is something to be feared

    You will not be the late for school mum. Not today, not ever!

    7. Whenever the kids are upset, you know just what to say to make it better

    Nothing beats a pep talk from mum, and you deliver them impeccably.

    8. You tend to be just a bit too happy when it’s the first day back at school

    Yes it was nice having the kids home for the holiday, but it was also EXHAUSTING.

    9. You have no time for other people’s judgement about your parenting methods

    ‘Oh, I didn’t realise you were the world’s expert on everything there is to know about children. Please tell me more…’

    10. Birthdays are the most important time of the year – and you’ve been known to overdo it a bit with the presents…

    ‘They’ll only be children once’ you tell yourself as you wrap a third roll of sellotape round the biggest stuffed animal on the shelves of Toys R Us.

    11. You’re a pro at negotiating the challenging terrain of family holidays

    Oh what’s that? Just 20 members of your extended family plus children announce they’re coming to yours for Christmas? No big deal.

    12. Catch ups with the girls are essential, and always seem to end the same way…

    Because wine makes everything better. Wine understands.

    13. And at the end of the day, you’re an absolutely fabulous parent and you know it

    Just like Eddy: cool, confident and absolutely smashing it.