Aldi set to launch 75% off bargain hour on loads of essential products

Sign for Aldi store, where the bargain hour will happen in 2021
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Family-favourite supermarket Aldi is set to launch a new 75% off bargain hour where daily food essentials will be reduced to as much as 75% off.

Aldi has always been a favourite of savvy shoppers for some of the amazing bargains that can be had in-store and for great alternatives to branded products on offer, like the newly released garlic and herb dip that tastes just like the one from Dominos.

But now, the chain is going even further to offer customers amazing deals as all of Aldi's 912 UK stores are having a new bargain hour in 2021 on products like bread, meat and fruit.

Aldi shopping basket for new bargain hour

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The chain announced the new initiative of reducing food products on their last day of life as part of their plan to half food waste by 2030. Shoppers will be able to spot the amazing offers as the products will be marked down with a red sticker, signifying the 75% off.

Unlike other so-called 'secret hours' for shopping, where food is discounted at particular times in the day to reflect stock and sell-by dates, this buying hour will vary by store so it's best to get in contact with your local if you're looking to know when to jump in the queue. All products are also being sold on a first-come, first-served basis so once they're gone, they're really gone.

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi, has said,“Aldi is already known for its low prices, but these discounts will help some shoppers to cut their grocery bills even further – all while helping us reduce food waste.

“Customers should look out for the red stickers when shopping at Aldi, but shoppers need to be quick as I’m sure the products will prove popular.”

This is just the latest initiative that Aldi has got involved with, however. They've pledged to donate a further 10 million meals to families facing hunger in the UK in partnership with Marcus Rashford, who has led the free school meals campaign since MPs voted against offering them last year. Recently, he called the government's free school meals parcels 'unacceptable' after pictures appeared on social media.

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Over Christmas, they also donated a huge 665,000 meals to people in need through their successful partnership with Neighbourly, a community giving platform that links businesses to charitable organisations.

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