Animal baby names: Would you name your baby after one of these animals?

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  • Animal baby names could be set to rise in popularity after more and more celebrities following the animal name trend.

    Baby name trends change constantly, from season to season we see both traditional names and trendier names rise through the ranks to make the list of most popular baby names.

    The top baby names for 2017 alone have featured some interesting monikers, inspired by other worldly themes, nature and now possibly, animals.

    With an influx of star-studded babies being named after animals such as bears and cats, it’s no surprise that parents are catching on to this adorable trend.

    The latest celebrity baby to rock the baby name boat has been Cheryl and Liam’s Payne’s newborn, Bear. The tot has been at the centre of media attention since his birth on 22nd March and it wasn’t until five weeks later that the unusual name was revealed.

    This A-list couple aren’t the only pair to pick an animal-themed name for their bundle of joy, with Katie Price naming her daughter Bunny, and Jamie Oliver calling his son Buddy Bear.

    This increase in animal inspired names has lead experts to believe that the trend is set to take off, with a spokesperson for baby name website Babycentre explaining to The Sun: ‘Celebrities baby name choices constantly influence the rise (and sometimes fall) in popularity and Bear is a popular name with Kate Winslet calling her son Bear Blaze, Jamie Oliver’s boy Buddy Bear and Alicia Silverstone choosing Bear Blu.

    ‘It will be interesting to see later in the year if the name rises in popularity.

    ‘We have seen parents being increasingly creative with their naming choices and more animal names being registered.’

    If you’re looking to jump on the trend early, take a look at our animal-inspired baby names and see if one of these could work for your little one.

    Animal baby boy names

    • Bear
    • Dingo
    • Fox
    • Jaguar
    • Lark
    • Leo
    • Lynx
    • Raven
    • Robin
    • Wolf

    Animal baby girl names

    • Birdie
    • Bunny
    • Cat
    • Kitty
    • Leona
    • Phoenix
    • Robin
    • Tabitha
    • Wren

    Would you give your baby an animal-inspired name? Let us know in the comments below!

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