Baby names for boys through history

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  • Choosing a baby name can be one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. We've taken a look back at baby names for boys through history for inspiration...

    That’s why we’ve complied this list of most popular baby names throughout history to help you get some ideas. After all, there must be a reason so many parents have chosen these names for their sons over any other!

    Make sure that your precious little baby has a name both you and he will love by getting inspiration from this list of boys’ baby names from the past and present.

    If these names just don’t do it for you, take a look at some of these very unusual 19th Centruy names…

    If it’s girls’ baby names that you’re after, check out these girls’ names through history.

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    19th Century names
    Boys’ names for 1904
    Boys’ names for 1934
    Boys’ names for 1964
    Boys’ names for 1994
    Boys’ names for 2000
    Boys’ names for 2005
    Boys’ names for 2006
    Boys’ names for 2009

    19th Century names

    1. Friendless

    Friendless, born in 1871 in Leeds. We just hope he didn’t live up to his unusual moniker!

    2. Leicester Railway

    Move over Brooklyn Beckham – Leicester Railway Cope, born in 1863, was given
    one of the earliest recorded ‘place’ names, after being born in a train

    3. Time Of

    Parents Thomas and Alice Day certainly took advantage of their surname when naming their little fellow in 1899.

    4. One Too Many

    One Too Many Gouldstone was born in Walthamstow, London, in 1870. Based on his unusal name, we presume he was born into a family that was rather big already…

    5. That’s It Who’d Have Thought It

    That’s It Who’d Have Thought It was born in Strood, Kent, in 1886. Perhaps his arrival took his parents by surprise?

    Boys’ names for 1904

    1. William

    2. John

    3. George

    4. Thomas

    5. Arthur

    Boys’ names for 1934

    1. John

    2. Peter

    3. William

    4. Brian

    5. David

    Boys’ names for 1964

    1. David

    2. Paul

    3. Andrew

    4. Mark

    5. John

    Boys’ names for 1994

    1. Thomas

    2. James

    3. Jack

    4. Daniel

    5. Matthew

    Boys’ names for 2000

    1. Jack

    2. Thomas

    3. James

    4. Joshua

    5. Daniel

    6. Harry

    7. Samuel

    8. Joseph

    9. Matthew

    10. Callum

    Boys’ names for 2005

    1. Jack

    2. Joshua

    3. Thomas

    4. James

    5. Oliver

    6. Daniel

    7. Samuel

    8. William

    9. Harry

    10. Joseph

    Boys’ names for 2006

    1. Jack

    2. Thomas

    3. Joshua

    4. Oliver

    5. Harry

    6. James

    7. William

    8. Samuel

    9. Daniel

    10. Charlie

    Boys’ names for 2009

    1. Jack (- it’s 13th year!)

    2. Oliver

    3. Thomas

    4. Harry

    5. Joshua

    6. Alfie

    7. Charlie

    8. Daniel

    9. James

    10. William

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