The best potty training books for toddlers and parents

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  • Choosing the best potty and getting started with potty training can be a challenging experience for both parents and children. Many parents aren’t sure when to beg or what to do for the best, and children can get upset. But help is at hand. Here are some great books that will make this tricky time easier for toddlers and parents alike.

    1) Potty Training Magic by Amanda Jenner

    Potty training magic

    Mum of three and toilet-training expert on ITV’s This Morning, Amanda Jenner, has come up with a five-day plan that’s super easy and makes potty training fun. Covering every conceivable problem, Amanda helps you to become your toddler’s best coach by seeing the world through their eyes. It’s also suitable for children with learning difficulties.

    Potty Training Magic by Amanda Jenner, £7.99
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    2) Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki

    Best Potty training books: oh crap! by Jamie Glowacki

    Jamie Glowacki, the Pied Piper of Poop, leads parents to successful potty training with her proven six-step plan. Learn how to deal with issues such as potty power struggles, and worrying about if your child is ready (it may be earlier than you think – ideally, between 20-30 months). If you’ve got the questions, Jamie has the answers.

    Oh crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki, £10.99
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    3) Potty Training in One Week by Gina Ford

    Bestselling childcare author Gina Ford shares her tips and tricks on how to get potty training done and dusted in just one week. Her easy-to-follow programme will help parents to deal with common potty-training pitfalls, such as how to deal with accidents and what to do at night time.

    Potty Training in One Week by Gina Ford, £5,77
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    4) No More Nappies by Campbell Books

    Children can follow the ups and downs faced by Millie and Mo as they learn how to ditch the nappies and use the potty. With engaging illustrations, and fun flaps and mechanisms, the book is easily understood by toddlers, while providing helpful tips for parents and carers.

    No More Nappies by Campbell Books, £5,27
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    5) Potty Superstar: A Potty Training Book for Girls/Boys by Pat-a-Cake and Fiona Munro

    The tabbed pages encourage toddlers to turn the pages themselves so they can follow Ella as she learns all about potties, washing hands and little accidents. There is also a book for boys where Harry is on course to become a Potty Superstar. The bright illustrations and funny text will have the little ones captivated.

    Potty Superstar: A Potty Training Book for Girls/Boys by Pat-a-Cake and Fiona Munro, £5.94
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    6) Pirate Pete’s Potty/Princess Polly’s Potty, both by Andrea Pinnington

    Children will love the charming illustrations in these fun interactive books which show them that even pirates and princesses can have anxiety about using the potty. And when they use the potty correctly, they can press the big red button for a rewarding cheer.

    Pirate Pete’s Potty/Princess Polly’s Potty, both by Andrea Pinnington, £6.99 each
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    7) All in the Potty! Illustrated and written by Wendy Hayden

    This sing-along, read-along book with have toddlers giggling at the silly lyrics of the song. And the catchy tune to the rhythm of The Wheels on the Bus will help them to remember the steps they have to follow to use the potty successfully.

    All in the Potty! illustrated and written by Wendy Hayden, £6.88
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