Best potties: Which is the best potty for toilet training?

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  • Find the best potties for you and your child to get potty training off to the best start, from a £2 potty that does the job to a leak-proof portable potty

    From a toddler-sized toilet replica to a hassle-free travel option, when it’s time to potty train your toddler, every mum wants to make the transition as easily as possible and find the best potty for the job.

    Once you’ve done all your potty-training prep and you feel that your little one is ready to make the leap out of nappies, you need to decide which will be the best potty for you? As with all things baby-related, there are so many products out there designed to lure little bottoms onto seats, so it can be tough to figure out which really is the best one for you.

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    What if your little one skips the potty stage? Will a musical toilet make everything easier, or distract? What will you use when you’re out and about? Even once you’re almost there with potty training, it’s important to make the right choices when you’re leaving the house.

    Life happens and you have to go out! What happens then? Do you take the potty with you? What if you can’t find a toilet in time and they’re desperate to go? Are you going to be on your hands and knees, mopping up their wee in the aisles of Asda? So we’ve found the best travel potties too, so you don’t get caught out.

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    Choosing the right potty is all about finding the one that works for you and your toddler; one that’s appealing AND comfortable, easy to clean and affordable.

    Some of the more expensive potties will actually grow with you and turn into a step or a child’s toilet seat that fits onto your toilet. Some are very basic, and that’s all you need – especially if it’s little more than a fiver. Others are just out-and-out fun and are guaranteed to keep your easily distracted toddler coming back for more (and hopefully learning as they go).

    Intrigued? Have a browse through our edit of the best potties…