12 of the best potties for toilet training

We've found you the best potties to choose from
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  • Looking through the best potties and buying the right one can make the whole process more comfortable and less messy for all involved.

    When it comes to potty training, it’s new to both you and your child. For them, it’s new to learn and for you, new to teach. Whether it’s your first or fourth time, every child is different. The one thing that can make this experience better all around, is buying the right potty. The NHS advice says, there’s no ‘perfect time’ to begin potty training, although many parents will start thinking about it when their child is somewhere around two years old and showing signs.

    When it comes to choosing a potty ask yourself are you a family who travels a lot, a potty with a lid may work? Do you only have one toilet upstairs? Maybe two cheaper potties is the option for you? There are so many best potties to choose from. It’s always good to note that some of the more expensive potties will grow with your child and turn into a step or a child’s toilet seat that fits onto your toilet. While others are basic, and that might be all you need. Either way, we’ve sifted through the entire potty market and picked out the best 12 potties.

    12 of the best potties for potty training

    1. Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty

    Image of a grey potty as one of the 12 best potties

    Credit: Canva


    With over 3700 reviews on Amazon, it’s no surprise that this popular award-winning design potty has 4.5 stars out of 5. The brainchild of a frustrated dad, the clever easy-pour design of the Pourty Potty has a pouring duct and anti-drip lip, making it so easy to get rid of the potty contents.

    There’s no spillage and no need to pull out an inner bucket. It’s also got a wide flat seat, which is comfortable to sit on and helps limit the red ring that children can get around their bottom when they have been sitting on the potty for a long time. The Pourty Potty comes in four different colours.

    Mum-of-one Steph tells us, “We use this as our car potty and it’s so lightweight and handy. The easy-pour spout makes it a dream to drop and go.”

    2. Fisher-Price My Potty Friend

    Image of a toilet-like potty with a loo roll holder and smiley face

    Credit: Argos

    There are 450 reviews on Argos which leave this little potty with an almost 5 star review. On the slightly pricey side, this potty brings a little fin to learning how to use the potty. With songs, phrases and sounds along with the ‘real’ toilet appearance.

    One reviewer, Orvy, says; “[I] bought this potty because it looks more like a toilet, with the flush feature and toilet lid to get my little one used to a toilet and how it works straight away. It is pricey compared to a £5 potty pot but already my little one is getting used to this with the sounds to help encourage them to go. Also stops them running around with it on their heads!”

    Easy-to-remove bowl insert for cleaning, and a space for loo roll to sit, this aims to help make the transition from nappies to loo use smooth sailing. Requires x3 AA batteries.

    3. Bumbo Step ‘N Potty

    Image of a powder blue ad white potty

    Credit: Canva

    This is a super sleek and stylish three-in-one potty. It easily converts from a potty to toilet trainer and then to a step, seeing you through the transition from nappy to potty to toilet.

    Unlike conventional cold hard plastic toilet trainers, the soft warm feeling of the Bumbo toilet trainer provides a sense of comfort and security. The base and the lid of the Bumbo step ‘n potty incorporate non-slip material to ensure ultimate safety. Removable bowl insert for ease of cleaning.

    4. Pottiagogo Easy Folding Travel Potty

    Turqouise and white pottiagogo

    Credit: Amazon

    This award-winning and simple-to-use design makes potty training when out and about a breeze. It’s the unique easy opening and folding mechanism – which you can do one handed – that makes this stand out from the crowd. A relatively new potty on the block, business founder and mum Anne-Marie launched in 2020

    One reviewer says: “Very worthwhile purchase. Fits perfectly in my backpack and has come in handy on many occasions when my toddler is easily overwhelmed by the noise of hand dryers in public toilets”

    5. Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

    Grey and white potty with high back one of 12 best potties

    Credit: Amazon

    Over 1400 reviews on Amazon has earned this potty a full 5 star review. And it’s easy to see why it’s so popular, it even comes in a range of on-trend pastel shades. One reviewer says: “My 2 year old is tall (93cm) so finding a potty which allowed her to sit comfortably has been a challenge. This potty is sturdy, with a high back and raised enough off the ground for her to sit with her legs at right angles and to appear comfortable.”

    For one so chic, the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is a real no frills, no spills approach. Delivering on comfort and practicality. The back and arm rests mean that your little one won’t decide he’s uncomfortable before the job is done, while the splashguard helps prevent misdirection – always a good thing with little boys.

    There’s a rubber strip on the bottom which stops the potty skidding around (and tipping over), while the inner potty is easy to lift out, empty and clean. This is a robust, thoughtfully designed potty chair, which should also appeal to green-minded mums as it’s made from recyclable, PVC-free plastic.

    6. Ikea Lockig Children’s Potty

    Green adn white potty with high back

    Credit: Ikea


    A classic Ikea simple design potty, with a high back. It really does what it says on the tin. Comfy wide seat, anti-slip bottom and easy-to -clean bowl insert makes this a budget-friendly winner.
    One Ikea reviewer says: “This potty is ideal. We were struggling with other potties that we had purchased previous to this as our little boy would always manage to wee outside the bowl, but the height on the front of this potty is really helpful in ensuring that wee stays inside the bowl every time!”

    7. My Carry Potty

    Image of a pink carry potty with a dragon face

    Credit: Jojo Maman Bebe

    As best potties go, this award-winning potty has a 5-star rating and over 1,100 reviews, making it highly-rated on Amazon. One reviewer says: “This is a BRILLIANT investment. We love it. Toilet training has ventured out the house. It’s stable, decent size, and the character makes it really likeable to our kid. And it’s leakproof so you can transport it until there’s a more suitable drain! Just remember to listen for the ‘click’ to be sure it’s closed before you pick it up.”

    This is bag-free, and easy to empty and clean, with an extra-tall splashguard making it suitable for both boys and girls. The only potty with a leak-proof seal, so there’s never any messThe potty transforms into a carry case for travel, so your little one can take it on holiday, to school, or to their grandparents. There are more fun designs too, including a bee and a penguin.

    8. Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Railroad Rewards Potty

    Image of a thomas the tank engine potty with lid as one of 12 best potties

    Credit: Argos

    This 3-in-1 potty is recommended by a whopping 93% of Argos customers. And with over 270 reviews it packs a punch with an almost 5 star rating. One reviewer says; “Solved a very challenging few weeks trying to potty train a toddler. Let him choose it and within a day he is happy to go when he needs to and fingers crossed is dry! So it must be comfy!”

    This 3-in-1 potty encourages little ones to potty train with the help of their favourite train. Rain sound effects and the Thomas theme song play when the child goes on on the potty. And the removable bucket is easy to clean. The removable potty ring can be placed on the adult toilet and has handles to help toddlers feel secure. Flip the lid of the potty down to create a sturdy step stool that allows little ones to reach the adult toilet or the sink. Worth noting that x3 AA batteries are required.

    9. Venture Pote Plus My First WC Potty

    Image of a real looking oitlet for a toddler potty

    Credit: Amazon

    This award-winning potty has such an amazing life-like aesthetic to a ‘real loo’, which makes it hugely popular. There are over 1,600 reviews on Amazon earning this potty an impressive 5 star rating.

    One reviewer says: “The toilet is simple and very sturdy in construction and arrives with a minimum of assembly being required, the lid is a super feature for keeping the potty in a more public area of the house, adds to the appeal for the children and is a real help when a busy patch leads to the potty not being emptied straight away.

    “The flushing button delights the children with it’s mimicking of the real toilet buttons, their sounds and the dual flush feature, the seating is sufficiently big for my older toddlers who are a little late to training. Very pleased with this item and highly recommend it.”

    Encourages flushing after using with rewarding lights and sounds, has a removable inner tray to make cleaning super easy. And a built-in wipe compartment, a godsend when a 4am poop makes an appearance and you have to go in search of wipes!

    10. Paw Patrol Non Slip Potty

    Image of a hite potty with paw patrol on

    Credit: Boots

    Sometimes all you need to nail potty training it so use your toddler’s favourite cartoon characters. And, as Paw Patrol is such a strong presence in most under-5’s life, this could be a winner. The Paw Patrol Steady Potty has been specially designed with a high back for extra comfort and support. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to clean.

    Mum-of-one, Tia, tells us; “My daughter LOVES this potty. We talk to the pups about whether she needs a wee wee or a poo poo. It’s really helped. Plus I love that it wasn’t too pricey.”

    Designed for comfort, sturdy plastic for safety, fun and your child will love being with their favourite character.

    11. KIDOOLA Infant Potty Training Toilet

    Image of a pink potty looking like a real grown up toilet

    Credit: Amazon

    As best potties go, this one features the look and feel of an adult toilet to help your toddler with a confident transition to the real thing. The toilet handle and realistic flushing sound encourages using the potty. Plus, the clip-on splash guard and flip-up lid helps boys in the potty training process, especially if they want to stand up for a weewee.

    With over 1800 global reviews and an impressive 4.7 our of 5 stars, one reviewer says; “… the novelty of the flush, it’s appearance to associate with a real toilet and it’s height to avoid missing or squatting and just general comfort has been perfect. This is our first potty training adventure and it’s been such a good use of money. We might even buy another for upstairs too. It allows them TOTAL independence to go alone too.”

    And we love the built-in wipe dispenser, it’s perfect for promoting good hygiene. Then there’s the removable bowl – making the adult’s life so much easier.

    12. Sundee Cute Frog Children Potty Toilet Training Urinal for Boys

    Image of a green frog urinal as one of the best potties

    Credit: Amazon

    Designed to encourage and motivate your little man towards being able to stand up and wee. And, with a 4.4 out of 5 star rating it’s easy to see why this is a good buy.

    Our family Editor, Stephanie Lowe says: “This was amazing! My toddler noticed other boys at nursery standing up to wee and wanted to do it too. But our potty at the time didn’t help. So we got this. While the suction pads that come with it aren’t great, I’d recommend buying some yourself, I still recommend. My 3 year old loved it, aiming for the little red wheel meant the wee stayed IN the potty. Plus, he would empty it himself too.”

    The fun spinning water wheel entertains and keeps your child focused during training. Plus, the removable urinal is lightweight, portable and easy to clean. The urinal can be wall mounted with powerful suction cups, it also can stand alone, by itself. You can put it anywhere you want, just make sure the urinal height is appropriate for your little one, follow the instructions.