Most popular baby names from the past 24 years revealed - but have they stood the test of time, and more importantly would you choose them now?

These are the 10 baby names that have reached the top spot since the year 2000

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We reveal 10 of the most popular baby names from 2000 to 2024 - which is your favourite?

Choosing a baby name is just one of many decisions expectant and new parents have to make, and it's not always an easy one. The latest fashions change all the time, and it's hard to know whether opting for a classic, old fashioned baby name or looking into the latest baby name trends for 2024 will suit your family best.

And as we head into the new year, baby name experts everywhere have been weighing in on what's expected to be hot and what's not, with some surprising findings. We've seen the rise of a Princess Diana inspired baby name, while elsewhere once classic baby names appear to be dying out.

But if you're looking for a name that stands the test of time, Baby Center has also shared a list of the most popular baby names from the last 24 years. These are all the names of boys and girls that held the number one spot from 2000 to the present day...

  • Emily for girls and Jacob for boys rang in the new millennium as the most popular baby names in 2000.
  • After three years at the top, Emily was replaced as the top girls name by Emma in 2004, but Jacob still reigned supreme over choices for boys.
  • In 2005, Jacob joined Emily in the number two spot, replaced by Aidan as the most popular boys name.
  • Emma was replaced by Sophia, one of the most popular girls names of the past decade, briefly in 2007. But by 2008, Emma was back in the top spot.
  • In 2009, Emma fell back down to number two on the list of top names for girls, while Isabella took the top spot.
  • In 2010, Sophia was back at the top again, alongside Aidan.
  • After eight years as the top boys name, Aidan was usurped by Jackson in 2013.
  • Sophia and Jackson enjoyed four years at the top of the table together, until Jackson was replaced by Liam in 2019.
  • In 2021, after over a decade of steadily climbing the ranks, Olivia became the top girls name, while Sophia dropped to number five.
  • According to Baby Center, Olivia has remained in the top spot since. But in 2023 Noah reached the top spot for boys names, after two years in second place.

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In addition, the Baby Center experts have been hard at work looking at the latest trends. In their round-up of the most popular baby names from the past year, they said, "For the first time in five years, there’s a new top baby boy name, with Noah overtaking Liam for the number one spot. Liam is still in second place, though, and Oliver stayed in third place, the same ranking it held in 2022. This year’s top three baby girl names are a repeat of last year’s, with Olivia, Emma, and Amelia hanging on to spots one, two, and three."

Baby Center's experts also noticed that nine out of the top 10 girl names end in 'a', including Sophia, Isabella, Luna, and Mia, while half of the top 10 boys’ names start with 'L': Liam, Lucas, Levi, Leo, and Luca are all up there.

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