The 23 best toys of the 80s: They don't make them like this anymore!

Ah the 80s, we're pretty sure it was the best decade to be a kid. Need proof? These FAN-TAS-TIC toys should do the trick

Ah the 80s, not that we're biased or anything but we're pretty sure it was the best decade to be a kid. Need proof? These FAN-TAS-TIC toys should do the trick.

We find ourselves saying 'They just don't make them like they used to' more and more these days, but it is definitely true when it comes to kids' toys.

As we buy our little ones more and more extravagant gadget-y toys, we long for the days of a simple bear that you can draw on, or five little dolls all living together...

So if you're ready for a trip down memory lane, scroll through, what we think, were the best toys the 80s had to offer.

How many did you have? And, more importantly, did we miss any classics out?

23. Ring toss water game

They were possibly the most frustrating thing on earth but the ring toss games sure were addictive.

22. Corn Popper

It didn't actually pop corn but boy did it sound like it - our parents must've hated us!

21. Poppers

We still don't really know why these were so satisfying but they really were. Especially if you managed to catch an irritating sibling in the crossfire...

20. Wuzzles

It was one of our favourite TV shows so obviously we wanted every single toy from the show.

19. Teddy Ruxpin

It must have been a simpler time but a talking bear was the most amazing thing we had ever seen.

18. Bubble mower

Almost as useful as a regular lawnmower (but undoubtedly more fun) the bubble mower blew bubbles as you mowed - how is that not useful?

17. Pogo balls

Almost impossible to last more than one bounce - but that didn't stop us trying.

16. Fisher Price tape recorder

Back in the day, before all the fancy mobile phones, the sound of your voice 'on the radio' was really quite special.

15. He Man

Master of the universe - and actually quite attractive. Is it wrong to say that about a toy?

14. Doodle Bear

'Is this a trick? Are we actually allowed to draw on something?' This chap's delightful denim ensemble was washable - still genius to this day.

13. Cabbage Patch Dolls

'Mum we definitely need them ALL!'

12. Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

The source of many childhood fights in many 80s households.

11. Glow Worm

Which 80s child didn't go to sleep firmly clutching one of these to their chest?

10. Fashion Plates

We're pretty sure this is how real designers make their clothes? Rubbing the patterns onto your lucky lady's outfit gave her look a lovely textured feel - fashion at its finest.

9. Fisher Price Roller Skates

Quite possibly the worst roller skates ever made but we cherished our little brightly coloured skates.

8. Atari

We don't care what you say, the Atari beats the XBox One and the Playstation 4 handsdown - we just don't think our little ones will agree...

7. Spirograph

We blame our Spirograph for making us think we could actually draw. Turns out we need a lot of plastic to make those groovy designs.

6. Skip it

We're pretty sure the majority of our exercise in our childhood came from this device - as did most of the cuts and scrapes.

5. Quints

After having kids we're not sure that Quints are actually that fun - imagine having five kids?! But those little dolls were endless fun at the time - five matching beds, five matching bikes... the possibilities were endless (sort of)

4. Mr Potato Head

Made 'cool' again by the Toy Story films but is it just us or is the new version just not as good as the 80s one?

3. View-Master

Who needs a Google Glass - this bad boy let you view up to 14 images in one go!

2. Polly pocket

We were always jealous of Polly. Her small but perfectly formed house could travel with her wherever she went on her adventures - and it still remained cleaner than our bedrooms.

1. Care Bears

It makes us so excited to just even look at a picture of a Care Bear - loveliness personified!

Did we miss off any of your favourite 80s toys? Tell us below...


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