Parents whose son tragically choked on Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital open up about their loss

Serena and Adam spoke about the importance of first aid training, and how their family is still dealing with their loss.

The parents of the little boy who tragically died on camera during an episode of Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital have appeared on This Morning to speak about their experience in losing their child and urging other parents to educate themselves on first aid.

Mum Serena spoke about her and her husband's decision to let their son's struggle in hospital be filmed at the time, now over a year ago, and how important it is to have first aid training, as it could save a life.

'It can give children a chance, and it gave Leyton the best possible chance,' she explained.

Dad Adam said that when his son was first crying, he assumed that the baby was just 'distressed' because his mother had just left the room. However, once he gave his son a dummy and lay him backwards, Leyton started choking.

Adam quickly realised the situation was serious and called 999. He was instructed by the 999 responder to start doing CPR straight away on his son.

Luckily, Adam had just completed his first aid training two weeks earlier, so his actions helped keep his son alive whilst they waited for the emergency services.

The family also went into detail about what happened at the hospital, detailing how little Leyton's brain was starved of oxygen for a full 30 minutes, and his parents were faced with the devastating choice of whether or not to continue with his treatment.

'It was agonising, but it wasn't a difficult decision to make. We knew he was gone too far. It wasn't fair anymore, just seeing him there,' they said.

It later emerged that Leyton had choked on a tiny plastic cufflink that had come as part of the packaging for one of his shirts.

Serena praised the Birmingham Children's Hospital for their support during the difficult time, and how they handled the situation with Leyton's older brother.

'The hospital was absolutely remarkable in caring for him and his feelings and his grief.. he visits sibling support groups there. He fully understands what happened to his little brother: that his brain didn't work and he's now in the stars.'

'We talk about Leyton all the time - he's everywhere.'

The family have welcomed a new little girl since their tragic loss, 5-month-old Darcy May. When asked by host Holly Willoughby about coping with their fear of something happening to their other two children, and Darcy in particular, as she's starting to move around on her own.

'It's scary but you just have to be at your most vigilant. It's the fear, but you can't let it take over. She's got to learn and develop - she can't do that if she's just strapped to her chair.'

The family has been raising money for Birmingham Children's Hospital since they lost Leyton, and raised £1000 in 24 hours since the show was aired last week.

Leyton's brother and sister then joined their parents in their interview, where they met Holly and Phillip and giggled at Phillip's jokes.

This was followed by a demonstration by Dr Ranj on how to help a child if they're choking, details of which can be seen on the ITV website.


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