These star signs are most likely to become CEOS – is your child on the list?

How high flying will your little one be, according to their star sign?

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Every parent wants the best for their child. From the second they are born, into the teenage years and beyond, it’s perfectly natural to worry about the rate your child is progressing.

Some parents go so far as to try and plan when their baby will be born, as to fit in with the school calendar. This is often because studies show that children born later in the year tend to do better in school. In fact, those born in the early autumn months are 25 per cent more likely to go to universities like Oxford and Cambridge, according to the BBC.

But what if it turned out that how well your child did in school had little to do with what born year they were born? And instead, everything to do with their star sign?

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The financial and lifestyle blogging platform, wondered exactly this. They analysed the top companies of 2019 including Apple and Microsoft, and the star signs of each CEO to find out which star sign is most likely to make it big – and earn the money to go with the title.

Which star sign is most likely to become CEO?

If you know your star signs, you’ll know that earth signs like Taurus are known for being practical, determined and ambitious. But being ruled by Venus, they also share traditionally sensitive qualities like beauty, artistry and a love of luxury.

So, there are no surprises here. Those born under the Taurus star sign are most likely to become CEO, according to the research. 13 of the CEOs considered are Taureans, born between 20 April  and 20 May. This includes famous faces like Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook and Tim Davie, the CEO of BBC.

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The saying goes that if you want something done, you should ask a Taurus. They are incredibly resilient, patient and hardworking. If your little one is a Taurus, things are looking good for their career already.

But all is not lost for the other star signs!

What other star signs are on the list?

In second place is the lively air sign, Gemini.

If your child is a Gemini, they’re likely to spend more time thinking than doing. However, that means they’re also listening – being the sharpest, speediest and apparently the smartest of all the air signs. You probably already know that Geminis are going to successful though, as you’re probably always running around after them as Geminis have busy personas and are always on the move.

Out of all the CEOs considered, 11 were Geminis and this included people like Jim Walton who is the CEO of American chain, Walmart.

Closely followed behind is the hardworking Capricorn. 10 of the CEOs on the list of top 100 companies are Capricorns, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. If you’re child is a Capricorn, it’s likely they’ll make the big bucks. Being organised, practical and goal-orientated, your child knows what they want and they’ll hustle to get it.

They also love making their own rules, which means they’ll strive for only the best and reach high-ranking positions because of it.

Libra, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces star signs also had more than five CEOs on the list. These four signs are all so different, from the outgoing Leo to the mild-mannered Libra. But they've all got their foot in the door, with plenty of ambition and drive to reach the top ranks of their careers.

But if your child's star sign hasn't made the top six star signs likely to make CEO, don't fret - it doesn't mean they won't get there!

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