Work from home jobs for mums: 42 jobs you can do from home

Give your working week a new lease of life with these fabulous jobs any mum can do from home
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  • Have you been thinking about going back to work but can't balance a full-time role with family life? Perhaps you work part-time and want to supplement your salary?

    Jobs where you can work from home are a great way to make the most out of your working week. They’re flexible and less of your time is wasted travelling to and from the office.

    In fact, a recent study by Workthere confirmed the need for flexibility in the work lives of modern families. They found that most office workers would ideally like to work for 32 hours per week, instead of the 38 hours that is currently the national average. The study also found that most people would prefer to spread this time from Monday to Thursday, with millennials looking to work more remotely than their older colleagues.

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    So, why not make your working week more flexible by ditching the commute and working from home? Cut the time you spend travelling and use it wisely on things you’d rather be doing – like curating your own business, or even going to the gym – while maintaining a full workload.

    Have a look at our list of great work from home jobs. We’ve got everything from tutoring and tailoring to setting up a cupcake business, or selling crafts on Etsy! Now you just need to pick which one…

    42 work from home jobs for mums