Pregnant Chanelle Hayes warned not to get ‘too thin’ after she shares throwback picture of her post-baby body goal

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  • Fans have urged ex-Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes not to go to extremes on her upcoming weight loss journey, after she shared a throwback photo of herself as a post-baby goal.

    Chanelle, who is currently pregnant with her second child, has made no secret of the fact that she’s unhappy with her body and wants to get in shape after her baby is born.

    But those who remember the star from her Big Brother days will know that she struggled to maintain such a slim figure – and so her plans to get back to that size have left some fans concerned that she may go to unhealthy lengths to achieve her aims.

    #ThrowbackBody #FutureBody 👌🏼👌🏼

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    Taking to Instagram, the star shared an image of herself taken in 2010 wearing a sunflower bikini, captioning the post: ‘#ThrowbackBody #FutureBody 👌🏼👌🏼’, illustrating her determination to shed her baby weight as soon as possible.

    However, some have expressed concern that she was ‘too thin’ in the image, and urged her to put the health of her baby and enjoying motherhood first.

    ‘No rush to get back to that hun, you are beautiful the way you are,’ said one commenter. ‘Enjoy being a mother to your beautiful little baby when they are born don’t stress about how you should look xx’.

    Another agreed: ‘No matter what you shape or size your beautiful @chanellehayes bet you can’t wait for your little baby to arrive.’

    A third wrote: ‘dnt go so thin keep ur curves, curves are more attractive than bone. Take ur time and you’ll keep the weight off!’

    The post comes just days after Chanelle shared a similar image, this time of herself dressed in figure-hugging Lycra whilst working out with a personal trainer.

    Captioning the post with a similar message, she wrote: ‘Once this baby is out I am bringing sexy back 👌🏼🙋🏻💪🏽 #healthylifestyle’.

    Loyal fans were once again quick to send messages of support to the star, with one writing: ‘Be who you want to be. I’m always a yoyo dieter but now I’m right in the middle of my biggest and lowest weight and been here ages and I feel much better.’

    ‘I’ve no pressure on myself to maintain a tiny frame or to avoid getting ‘bigger’. Embrace. You’ve created and grown babies, our bodies are AMAZING!’.