Plant pot pets garden craft

Turn those old plant pots hanging around in your shed, into bees, ladybirds and bugs with our easy craft instructions


those grubby, old plant pots in the shed

into cute pets like bugs, ladybirds and bees with our garden craft instructions that kids can follow. Not only will they look great lined up on the windowsill outside, the kids will love planting strawberries, tomatoes or cress in them and

visiting them every day to water and watch their plants grow.  

How to make a garden plant pot pet:

Time: 1 hour Skill level: Easy peasy for beginners

Craft equipment:

  • 1 ceramic or plastic plant pot

  • 1 pom-pom, in your desired colour

  • Acrylic paint in various colours

  • 1 pair of wobbly eyes

  • 4in of thin, silver wire, for the antennae

  • 2 small beads, for the antennae

  • PVA glue or double-sided tape

Craft instructions:

Paint a plant pot with one colour of acrylic paint (choose green for the bug, red for the ladybird or black for the bee) applying two coats if required, then allow the paint to dry.

Decorate the plant pots with spots or stripes in a contrasting colour as in the picture above.

Glue two wobbly eyes onto a pom-pom.

For the antennae attach a bead onto the end of a fine piece of wire. Wind the wire around the bead and back through the hole then cut off any excess with wire cutters or sharp scissors. Thread the other end of the wire through the pom-pom and back up again to form antennae. Attach a bead on the other end of the wire in the same way.

Secure the pom-pom to the rim of the pot using glue or double-sided tape to make your plant pot pet.

Safety tip: Make sure you supervise the kids if you're letting them use wire cutters or scissors to cut the wire with as there is a risk that they could cut themselves.

You will find all of the items to make this project at your local Hobbycraft store and online at Project, video and images courtesy of

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