The Coca-Cola Christmas advert has arrived (but fans spot something HUGE missing)

Lots of viewers took to Twitter to voice their disappointment...

Coca-Cola have released their 2016 Christmas advert, but for a lot of festive fans there's something huge missing.

For many, Christmas is officially here when the iconic 'Holidays Are Coming' Coca-Cola truck arrives on our screens.

Every year, families run to their TV sets as soon as they hear the infamous tinkle of those festive bells, thrilled to finally be feeling in the Christmas spirit.

This year Coca-Cola chose the prime-time spot of Saturday's night I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! advert break to launch their annual homage to everybody's favourite time of year.

Of course, it got a lot of attention, especially at such a busy TV time - but not all the attention was positive. It turns out that viewers hold one thing very dear to their hearts, a certain thing Coca-Cola had forgotten to make part of their 2016 advert.

This year's ad hasn't changed a great deal from previous years, keeping within the same storyline as usual by showing the magically lit-up, red Coca-Cola trucks making their way through a picturesquely snowy scene.

During the 30 seasonal seconds, as the trucks continue to drive through beautiful, festive-looking scenery they illuminate Christmas lights everywhere they go.

As they fly down the road, a sweet family runs out onto the street to catch a glimpse of the iconic trucks, joining so many others that are also excited by Christmas.

The trucks continue into the town and glowing strings of fairy lights light up upon their arrival. Christmas trees suddenly come to life with brightly coloured lights and illuminated stars become brighter bulb by bulb.

However, delightful as it is, there is one vital scene missing from this year's advert - the cheeky wink from Santa!

As the last truck drives onwards, usually an animated Santa comes to life from the side of the truck and winks at a small child before taking a sip of coke. But this year there's no such joy!

Twitter users certainly didn't hold back and were more than open about their disappointment in Coca-Cola, who they believe have missed out what some hail the best part of the advert.

One Twitter user said, 'Fuming Santa doesn't wink at the end of the Coca-Cola advert anymore! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 #Christmas' while another agreed, 'why does Santa no longer wink? Advert has lost something when it lost the Santa Wink #bringbackthewink'.

It seems that not even the bringers of Christmas at Coca-Cola can do everything right - maybe they'll be on Santa's naughty list for this seasonal slip up?

What do you think of the new Coca-Cola Christmas advert? Tell us below in the comment box.


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