Blogger Constance Hall’s ‘single mum myth busting’ Facebook post goes viral

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  • It’s fair to say that Constance Hall is no stranger to speaking her mind.

    The blogger and mum-of-four can often be found sharing her ideas and opinions on topics close to most mothers’ hearts, on subjects ranging from vasectomies and being naked around the house, to the truth about what sex is like after you become a parent.

    And now the outspoken mum, who has over 646,000 fans on her Facebook page, has struck a chord with single parents everywhere after posting a status she called ‘Single mum myth busting’.

    The post, which has now had over 70,000 likes, 20,000 shares and 5,000 comments, is a list of all the things she believes people (wrongly) think about single mums. She starts off by addressing how many single mums might feel about welcoming a new ‘dad’ to their children into their lives, saying ‘They don’t want a new dad for their kids. The kids have a dad and in the instances where they don’t, Queens sort that job too. ‪#‎legend‬.’

    Then, in the humorous tone she’s become known for, Constance goes on to touch on topics such as money issues, how single mums feel about their kids, and even how they feel about other mums’ husbands!

    ‘They aren’t always broke. Single mums often work, often make a f**k load of cash, some drink Grey Goose and where Chanel, others drink goon and don’t wear much, it’s called ‪#‎variaty‬.

    ‘Their kids aren’t baggage. Children are assets and women who raise them on their own have very strong instincts, they won’t give a bloke who sees their kids as baggage a look in. ‪#‎next‬

    ‘They don’t want your husbands.. They didn’t spend all this time getting rid of theirs and supporting their kids and working their arses off to have to wake up next to your farting, snoring, horny delight. He is all yours ☺️’

    She summarises her status by saying ‘During my short stint of single motherhood a couple of years ago I felt like I wasn’t in the mum crew, but I wasn’t in the single friend crew either… I was ‪#‎crewless‬ (like clueless but I didn’t have 2 mates) I didn’t need pity because I was actually kicking goals and rocking out, it is tough but the toughest part is the stigma.
    ‪#‎queencrew‬ is where it’s all.

    ‘Today I’m saluting single mums. I was raised by one, I respect them and I admire the shit out of them.’

    The post has received comments praising Constance from mum all over the world. One said ‘The short time I was a single parent was a time I felt most powerful and incontrol of my life X’ while another added ‘absolutely f***ing yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a reminder to the men who meet single mothers – you are not doing us a favour – you are the privileged one being invited to participate in a family’