Dawn O'Porter praised for her honest post about her pre-baby jeans

Dawn is getting real about her post baby body

Dawn O'Porter has been flooded with praise by fans after sharing a candid post about her post-baby body struggles.

The author and former television presenter is mother to two sons, Art and Valentine, and gave birth to her youngest in July of this year.

Known for her quick wit, unashamed honesty and observations on the reality of motherhood, Dawn, 38, has once again won praise and admiration from her fans and online Instagram community after sharing a frank post about the reality of post-baby bodies.

Dawn has previously shared her struggle with forcing herself to admit that she may not ever be able to fit into some of her favourite clothes from before she was pregnant.

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'Facebook memories reminding me of all the clothes I may or may not get into again one day. My Courrégges coat is one of my most treasured positions. One day, when I don't have ALL OF THE BOOBS, maybe we can dance again,' she wrote, not long after the birth of her son.

And now Dawn has uploaded a photograph of herself wearing a pair of her favourite skinny jeans from before she was pregnant, simply captioned 'wishful thinking'.

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Dawn's followers were quick to react to the honest post, commending the star for her honesty and sharing their own experiences.

'Love this. My son is 11 weeks old and I'm struggling to lose the 4 stone I put on' read one of the comments.

Another agreed: '#mumlife you will change physically and mentally forever and nothing will ever prepare you. But what you did was grow another human nothing can be more important! You can't be expected to be the same after that! Thank god for you and your honesty! It keeps me sane.'

Another message of support for Dawn said: 'I'm in the same boat. You look amazing', while other Instagram users also commented on the post with their tips and tricks for slipping back into post-baby jeans before they quite fit.

'Wear a long top and use an elastic band to hold the jeans together,' suggested one of her followers, while another explained: 'It's autumn, throw on a long jumper, loop the button with a hair elastic and nobody will know.'



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