Double barrel baby names: The latest baby name trend

Just add a hyphen and you've got yourself a double barrel baby name!

Two babies on peach background with double barrel baby names

Double barrel baby names have been popular for years now, with parents deciding to choose two first names put together for their child instead of just the one. 

It's been a popular move since Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis named their daughter Lily-Rose in 1999. Kate Moss' daughter, Lila-Grace, came along in 2002 and then Una Healy's daughter, Aoife-Belle, was born almost 10 years after that. But while many celebrities like Jamie Oliver have opted to give their children two unhyphenated baby names in recent years, with a slightly different baby name meaning, the trend for double barrel baby names has far from gone away.

In fact, it's still such a popular baby name trend that The Office of National Statistics (ONS) included the most loved double barrelled baby names in their latest baby name data, helping parents to choose the one right one for them.

Double-barrelled names for girls

  1. Amelia-Rose
  2. Isla-Rose
  3. Ella-Rose
  4. Ivy-Rose
  5. Ava-Rose
  6. Bella-Rose
  7. Ava-Mae
  8. Lily-Rose
  9. Lily-Mae
  10. Olivia-Rose
  11. Gracie-Mae
  12. Harper-Rose
  13. Ella-Mae
  14. Isla-Mae
  15. Ellie-Mae
  16. Elsie-Mae
  17. Mia-Rose
  18. Ava-Grace
  19. Evie-Rose
  20. Ruby-Rose
  21. Lilly-Rose
  22. Lilly-Mae
  23. Sienna-Rose
  24. Isabella-Rose
  25. Ivy-Mae
  26. Evie-Mae
  27. Layla-Rose
  28. Isla-Grace
  29. Lily-May
  30. Willow-Rose

Amelia-Rose, most popular girls double barrel baby names

Double-barrelled names for boys

  1. Tommy-Lee
  2. Alfie-James
  3. Noah-James
  4. Riley-James
  5. Teddy-James
  6. Jaxon-James
  7. Jesse-James
  8. Theo-James
  9. Abdul-Hadi
  10. Jayden-Lee
  11. Abdur-Rahman
  12. Hunter-Lee
  13. Oliver-James
  14. Abu-Bakr
  15. Harley-James
  16. Alfie-Jay
  17. Harley-Jay
  18. Jayden-James
  19. Alfie-Lee
  20. Archie-James
  21. Arlo-James
  22. Arthur-James
  23. Billy-Joe
  24. Hunter-James
  25. Logan-James
  26. Carter-James
  27. Harvey-James
  28. Harvey-Lee
  29. Ronnie-Lee

Tommy-Lee, most popular boys double barrel baby names

Even within the most popular double barrelled baby names, there are some obvious individual trends. It appears as though, over the last couple of years, parents of girls have preferred the name Rose as the second part of the double barrel. May and Grace are also very popular choices, going back to more traditional baby names of the past. Similarly for boys, the traditional name James was the overwhelming most popular second name in the set.

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