12 oblivious kids who don’t realise that they’ve drawn penises

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  • Drawings by our kids are supposed to be masterpieces that we treasure forever.

    When it comes to most of their artwork, we’ll keep it stuck to the fridge well into their teens, or turn it into adorable greeting cards for relatives to display just as proudly.

    But what about those times when our little ones’ artworks end up looking more risqué than Monet?

    We know that kids say the darnedest (or sometimes, creepiest) things, but when they get the wrong end of the pencil too, it is absolutely priceless.

    Don’t just take it from us – these parents prove their children’s talents are well beyond their years. They’ve got a sense of humour, that’s for sure…

    1. This child, who welcomes guests in an unusual way


    We know mermaid fever is everywhere right now, but…

    2. This child, who was inspired by a trip to the zoo

    Image: Imgur
    The giraffes were their favourite, as you can see.

    3. And this child, who had a great time at the farm on their school trip

    Sarah Armstrong

    Sarah Armstrong added a new photo.

    What a mighty fine looking shovel.

    4. This child, who’s certainly feeling festive…

    Image: Imgur
    We’re sure Santa would be flattered.

    5. This child, who is clearly a big Harry Potter fan

    Ron, Hermione and Harry certainly look different by this account!

    6. This child, who is a regular Rousseau

    Image: Imgur
    Taking inspiration from nature to provide mum with a beautiful waterfall scene… how picturesque.

    7. This child, who’s mastered the art of drawing whistles

    Definitely a whistle. We’re 100% certain.

    8. This child, who knows exactly what they want to be when they grow up!

    Nothing if not ambitious.

    9. This child, whose father is a whizz in the kitchen

    Image: Imgur
    Great job cocking, Dad!

    10. This child, who’s fab at observational drawing

    Image: Imgur
    Got the details down to a T.

    11. This child, who’s got their abstract art DOWN

    Image: Imgur
    Get them to the Royal Academy of Arts, immediately!

    12. And this child, who might not be an artist, but is very good with words

    Oh, the things this goat must have seen.

    Has your child ever unknowingly drawn something a little suspicious? Let us know in the comments below!