This sophisticated new baby name trend for 2024 will see parents swapping cute names for 'grown up' monikers that have 'timeless charm'

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Changing baby name trends are seeing parents drop the cute names in 2024. Instead, this year will see a return of the sophisticated classics, offering the gift of a name with 'timeless charm.'

Nicknames were 2023's biggest trend for parents selecting a moniker for their newborn. With name trends constantly evolving, 2024 arrived with entirely different top ten baby name trends to its predecessor. This will see a shift towards a set of classic and sophisticated names favoured by parents.

Those wanting a fashionable baby name for their little one are sure to jump on board with this movement towards rejuvenating some old names that haven't been heard for a while. 

Nameberry creator and baby name expert Pamela Redmond suggests that baby names in 2024 are going to be both modern and "personally significant". This means sidestepping names perceived as "cute" and the introduction of "grown-up" names that feel "timeless." 

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According to Nameberry, classic options for this trend include names such as Arthur for boys and Georgina and Sylvia for girls. The name Betty has also seen a surge in popularity, as is the case when chosen by a celebrity - Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds selected it for one of their daughters. 

The name Betty also derives from Elizabeth. Some baby name experts have predicted other derivatives from the name such as Eliza and Elspeth, to gain following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Names consultant Colleen Slagen said "Older names appeal to parents who are searching for timeless charm. They also feel both unique and familiar, which is something a lot of parents are seeking in a name."

She added "They want their child's name to both standout and fit in. They want a name that feels sweet but ages well and older names check all these boxes."

Older names expected to become popular in 2024 include:

  1. Dolores
  2. Marjorie
  3. Isla
  4. Florence
  5. Evelyn
  6. Cedric
  7. Oliver
  8. George
  9. Henry
  10. Jude 

For more baby name inspiration, there's a plethora of unusual baby names to choose from for something a little different. The coming year could also see names inspired by musicians, while space inspired baby names are catching on - have a look at these out of this world suggestions.

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