Most fashionable baby names and the meanings behind them - from Dior and Hugo to Vera and Levi (is your favourite there?)

If you're looking for a designer baby name, then one of these might capture your heart

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When it comes to baby names, parents-to-be can practically call their child anything (as long as it's not one of these banned baby names) and with the rising trend of celebrity-inspired baby names, there's also a surge in interest in fashionable too names.

Naming a baby after a designer fashion brand was popular in 2020, when Chanel was the leading girl's name and Valentino was the leading boy's name. Fast-forward four years and there's a new batch of designer names soaring in popularity in 2024.

Followers of fashion might like one of these top 10 fashionable baby names for boys and girls, with Levi the most fashionable name for boys and Chloe the most fashionable name for girls, according to research by Jason Higgs, the Senior Deals Strategist at Bountii.

Speaking about the data, Jason said: "Various factors shape how individuals choose names for their offspring. It appears that the realm of fashion will persist as a significant influence in this context."

Have a look at the names which span a range of fashion associations, from luxury brands and designers like Armani and Dior to fashion icons like Vera Wang.

10 most fashionable boys baby names

  1. Levi - (9,786 babies with the name) meaning 'joined', is a well-known denim designer.
  2. Christian - (4,442) meaning 'follower of Christ', also the name of designer Christian Dior.
  3. Luis - (2,933) meaning 'renowned warrior', also spelt Louis, as in the designer brand Louis Vuitton..
  4. Calvin - (2,576) meaning 'bald, hairless' is also the name of designer Calvin Klein.
  5. Armani - (795) meaning 'Army man', also known as a designer clothing and perfume brand.
  6. Hugo - (794) meaning 'mind, intellect' is the first name of designer Hugo Boss.
  7. Ford - (646) meaning 'river crossing', Ford also became the name of a car manufacturer in 1903.
  8. Kenzo - (592) meaning 'wise three' is also the name of Kenzō Takada - designer clothing, sneakers (trainers) and bags for men.
  9. Valentino - (580) meaning 'strength/health' is also the name of an Italian fashion designer. Rochelle and Marvin Hume's daughter is named Valentina - the female version of the name.
  10. Madden - (416) meaning 'little dog' is also the surname of American designer Steve Madden.

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10 most fashionable girls baby names

  1. Chloe - (6,445 babies with the name) meaning 'green sprout' is also the name of the French luxury fashion house Chloe founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion.
  2. Zara - (1,432) meaning 'blooming flower' and is the name of a popular high-street store and Spanish fashion chain. Royalty also favoured this name, Princess Anne named her daughter Zara.
  3. Vera - (1,330) means 'faith' and is the first name of fashion noted for her wedding dresses designer Vera Wang
  4. Lauren - (982) meaning 'crowned with laurel' is the surname of American fashion designer Ralph Lauren - who founded his self-named brand in 1967.
  5. Céline - (937) meaning 'heavenly' is also the name of a French luxury ready-to-wear and leather goods brand owned by the LVMH group since 1996. It was founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. Celebrities with this name include singer Celine Dion.
  6. Armani - (701) meaning 'kin of Armand' is also the surname of Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani.
  7. Kate - (694) meaning 'pure' and is also the name of the designer brand Kate Spade - Katherine Noel Valentine Brosnahan Spade was an American fashion designer and entrepreneur. There's another royal connection as Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton is called Kate, the shoetened version of Catherine.
  8. Paris - (642) meaning 'working people' is also the name of the fashion capital. Celebrities with this name include Paris Hilton and Paris Fury.
  9. Dior - (457) meaning 'of gold' is also the surname of Christian Dior. Christian Ernest Dior was a French fashion designer, best known as the founder of one of the world's top fashion houses.
  10. Kendra - (416) meaning 'greatest champion' is also the first name of American jewellery designer Kendra Scott.

The previously fashionable girl's name Chanel hasn't even made the top 10 this time round, while Valentino has dropped nine places on the fashionable boy's name chart.

Are there any there that take your fancy?

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