Study reveals the baby names that are likely to earn the most money

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  • A study has revealed the baby names that are likely to earn the most money.

    As our little ones grow up, go to school and head out into the real world, we all hope that they will be a success in life.

    But what if their fate has been laid out from the very beginning because of the names that they were given?

    In reality, it’s obviously not very likely.

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    But there have been some trends picked up in terms of which names tend to earn the most money – and it could be good (or bad) news for your little ones.

    New research, carried out by has revealed that some names are likely to earn more than others.

    Findings found that boys named Leo are likely to scoop the highest salaries, while girls named Isabella will earn more than other ladies.

    baby names most successful

    The research found that Leo and Isabella were likely to earn the most money (Credit:

    Boys name Harry, Muhammad and Jack will earn less in comparison to Leos, while Olivia, Grace and Mia are expected to face a pay cut.

    But it seems like the gender pay gap is still rife, as the highest girl own Isabella will get paid on average £28,935, while Leo earns more than £10,000 per year at an average of £41,722.

    And that’s not the only difference between the sexes.

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    It was also found that while name abbreviations could boost a man’s chances of employment, they could actually hinder chances for a woman.

    And when it comes to your kids’ chances of employment, it turns out that whether they have a middle name or not could also be a contributing factor.

    According to the research, jobseekers who include a middle initial in their name were deemed ‘smarter, more eloquent and more qualified’ than others.

    Might be time to update that baby names list!

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