Twin names: Baby name ideas for twin boys and twin girls

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  • We've rounded up some of the most popular twin names for both twin boys, twin girls and twin boy and girls names.

    Parents that have been blessed with double trouble often say that twin names are much harder to come up with than other baby names.

    Not only do you have to choose two names, you have to make sure that they flow nicely as a set, without any awkward rhymes or rhythms.

    Should you pick from the most popular names for 2017, or try to find two names that are off the trend radar, and then totally unique to your duo? Some parents like to choose names with the same first or last letter, whereas others want their twin names to be completely independent and different from each other.

    Pregnant with twins and looking for ideas? The Social Security Administration in America previously released a list of the top twin baby names – and whilst they no longer compile the list every year, here’s some inspiration from their most recent list of most-used sibsets…

    Most popular twin girl names

    1. Ella and Emma
    2. Olivia and Sophia
    3. Gabriella and Isabella
    4 Faith and Hope
    5. Ava and Emma
    6. Isabella and Sophia
    7. Madison and Morgan
    8. Ava and Ella
    9. Ava and Olivia
    10. Mackenzie and Madison
    11. Abigail and Isabella
    12. Abigail and Emma
    13. Hailey and Hannah
    14. Makayla and Mackenzie
    15. Addison and Avery
    16. Elizabeth and Emily
    17. Ava and Mia
    18. Heaven and Nevaeh
    19. Abigail and Emily
    20. Emma and Olivia
    21. London and Paris
    22. Chloe and Claire
    23. Mia and Mya
    24. Anna and Emma
    25. Anna and Brianna
    26. Isabella and Olivia
    27. Abigail and Lillian
    28. Addison and Ava
    29. Emma and Isabella
    30. Samantha and Sophia
    31. Ella and Olivia
    32. Emma and Hannah
    33. Emma and Mia
    34. Faith and Grace
    35. Madison and Makenzie
    36. Madison and Olivia
    37. Abigail and Olivia
    38. Annabella and Isabella
    39. Chloe and Zoe
    40. Elizabeth and Isabella
    41. Elizabeth and Victoria
    42. Jada and Jade
    43. Julia and Sophia
    44. Kayla and Kylie
    45. Madison and Megan
    46. Mia and Sophia
    47. Natalie and Olivia
    48. Paige and Payton
    49. Serenity and Trinity
    50. Valentina and Valeria

    Most popular twin girl and boy names

    1. Madison and Mason
    2. Emma and Ethan
    3. Taylor and Tyler
    4. Madison and Michael
    5. Jayda and Jayden
    6. Madison and Matthew
    7. Samuel and Sophia
    8. Addison and Aiden
    9. Olivia and Owen
    10. Zachary and Zoe
    11. Addison and Jackson
    12. Aiden and Ava
    13. Emily and Ethan
    14. Emma and Ryan
    15. Isaac and Isabella
    16. Natalie and Nathan
    17. Abigail and Benjamin
    18. Andrew and Emma
    19. Isabella and Isaiah
    20. Jada and Jaden
    21. Brian and Brianna
    22. Emma and Jack
    23. Aiden and Emma
    24. Eli and Ella
    25. Jacob and Olivia
    26. Lily and Logan
    27. Michael and Michelle
    28. Naomi and Noah
    29. Abigail and Alexander
    30. Abigail and Andrew
    31. Brandon and Brianna
    32. Chloe and Christian
    33. Elizabeth and William
    34. Emily and Matthew
    35. Emma and Jacob
    36. Emma and William
    37. Jacob and Sarah
    38. Lilly and Logan
    39. Nicholas and Sophia
    40. Noah and Sophia
    41. Oliver and Olivia
    42. Sophia and William
    43. Abigail and Jacob
    44. Addison and Austin
    45. Alexander and Sophia
    46. Ella and Jackson
    47. Emma and Evan
    48. Emma and James
    49. Jayla and Jaylen
    50. Zachary and Zoey

    Most popular twin boy names

    1. Jacob and Joshua
    2. Ethan and Evan
    3. Jayden and Jordan
    4. Daniel and David
    5. Matthew and Michael
    6. Landon and Logan
    7. Elijah and Isaiah
    8. Jacob and Joseph
    9. Jayden and Jaylen
    10. Isaac and Isaiah
    11. Caleb and Joshua
    12. Andrew and Matthew
    13. James and John
    14. Alexander and Nicholas
    15. Jeremiah and Josiah
    16. Joseph and Joshua
    17. Nathan and Nicholas
    18. Jonathan and Joshua
    19. Logan and Lucas
    20. Ethan and Nathan
    21. Aiden and Ethan
    22. Jeremiah and Joshua
    23. Alexander and Andrew
    24. Alexander and Benjamin
    25. Logan and Luke
    26. Jacob and Lucas
    27. Jonathan and Joseph
    28. Nathan and Noah
    29. Andrew and Anthony
    30. Brandon and Bryan
    31. Daniel and Michael
    32. Daniel and Samuel
    33. Isaiah and Jeremiah
    34. Jaden and Jordan
    35. Jayden and Kayden
    36. John and Joseph
    37. Matthew and Ryan
    38. Aiden and Austin
    39. Benjamin and Samuel
    40. Christopher and Nicholas
    41. Taylor and Tyler
    42. Benjamin and William
    43. Hayden and Hunter
    44. Santiago and Sebastian
    45. Alexander and Anthony
    46. Alexander and William
    47. Brandon and Brian
    48. Carter and Cooper
    49. Evan and Owen
    50. Evan and Ryan

    Do you have twins? What names did you opt for? Let us know in the comments below!

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