Genius hack to revive old Ugg boots using 79p spray to make them look like new

Reviving over re-buying!
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  • A clever Facebook user has shared her simple 79p hack to clean up a pair of old Ugg boots – making them look brand new.

    It’s that time of year again when our trusty winter boots have got ruined with the salt spread on the footpaths and roads as temperatures plunge into minus.

    Or maybe your kids got caught out by stepping into a puddle forgetting they didn’t have their best wellies on.

    Well, now there is a simple Ugg boot cleaning hack that will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to cleaning your beloved footwear – using Stardrops white vinegar spray for just 79p.

    Cleaning whizz Phoebe Loveridge shared, “From seeing the posts about cleaning UGG boots, I thought I would attempt to bring mine back to life. I am so happy with the result!”

    The cleaning hack is likely to work on B&M’s Ugg slippers dupe too.

    And if you’re wondering how dirty the boots looked before, Phoebe has taken a snap so you can compare the difference.

    Ugg boots looking worn and dirty

    Here is what the boots look like after she used the spray on them.

    After Ugg boots sprayed clean

    How to transform your old Ugg boots

    • Stuff each boot with newspaper to reshape
    • Spray white vinegar spray over the whole boot suede
    • Using a brush (I used a nail brush as didn’t have a suede one) brush the suede gently all over (strokes and light circles)
    • Using a damp cloth, blot the suede all over to remove any excess dirt and vinegar
    • Leave underneath a radiator to dry
    • Once dry, brush the suede
    Ugg boots drying under radiator

    Phoebe uploaded the hack to the Hinch Army Cleaning Group Facebook page, along with photos of before and after, so people could see her remarkable results.

    In response to questions from people who couldn’t believe their eyes when they read about the Ugg boot cleaning hack, she wrote, ‘Thank you for all the comments, they’re definitely not photoshopped. I am wearing them today, I will upload some more photos.’

    Ugg boots after being cleaned with stardrops spray

    And in response to users asking about the vinegar smell, Phoebe admitted, ‘They did smell like vinegar when they were wet but now they have dried, I can just about smell a hint of vinegar if I really put my nose on them but I think even that will fade even more.

    ‘FYI, I hate the smell of it too and it’s honestly hardly anything. Glad I can help others.’

    We’ll definitely be giving this a go!