Mum creates genius homeschooling plan to encourage children to do chores

homeschooling plan

With many schools across the UK closing due to coronavirus, parents have been homeschooling their children so they don't fall behind with education.

But homeschooling is tough when you're not used to it, and parents across the UK are finding it hard to balance everything.

What do you do when you need to work, do chores and homeschool your children? One genius mum has the perfect solution.

Vicki Watmough shared her homeschooling plan to Facebook, which incorporates chores with lessons.

The schedule reads, '9am, home economics - how to make me coffee

10am, mechanical engineering, how to assemble and operate a Shark hoover

11am, PE, run outside putting recycle and rubbish out

1pm, chemistry - how to bleach the loo

2pm, geography, lesson in were floor items that they tossed there belong! Tidy up and put away ready for use another day!

3pm, science, how fairy liquid removes grease from pans

5pm, afterschool club, go to your room on your iPad and be quiet'

Parents everywhere love the hilarious plan, and Vicki's post has gone viral racking up 23k shares and 1.6k comments.

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Many people have tagged their friends to let them know about the plan too, with one writing, ‘There you go home school plan for the week’.

Another amused parent wrote, 'I’ve found the perfect plan for the boys!’

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And a third joked, 'Most kids will be so glad to get back to school they’ll run all the way there.'

But if you are struggling to establish a routine during self-isolation or self-distancing, there's plenty of good ideas out there to help keep both you and your children entertained.

We put together a guide on how to keep your kids entertained at home (opens in new tab) if you’re self-isolating or self-distancing which might come in useful.

Or if you're at a complete loss when it comes to homeschooling (we understand!), here are the best FREE educational resources online and tips for homeschooling. (opens in new tab)

What do you think of this hilarious homeschooling plan?

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