Love Hunter wellies, but hate the price tag? Take a look at our 12 picks for the whole family (and there's 50% off)

Get the whole family rainy-day-ready with 50 per cent off this popular wellie brand

Collage showing our picks of Hunter wellies and boots for the whole family (and there's 50 per cent off)
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As every parent knows, getting outdoors with the kids in hugely important. Not only is it an cost-effective thing to do with kids, but getting out into the fresh air is also a great opportunity for kids to engage in physical play (one of eight types of play children need to support their development).

And while you might worry in winter that being outside is tempting fate to pick up bugs galore, according to a scientist, this isn't how kids pick up colds so it's a good idea to let them play outside.

But spending time outside as a family, especially in the UK, means having the right gear to protect yourselves against the elements - whether that's puddle suits or wellies for the kids, or a weatherproof jacket that will see you through all seasons. If you need to kit out the family with new wellies to protect against rain, mud and snow, it can be really expensive. Luckily, we've found a whole array of Hunter wellies, boots and shoes on sale (suitable for the whole family), with a whopping 50 per cent off.

Save 50% on Hunter wellies, boots and shoes

Women's wellies, boots and shoes

Kids' wellies

Men's wellies, shoes and boots

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