'It's ok to feel emotional' Joe Wicks admits struggling with his mental health as third lockdown annnounced

Joe Wicks
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Joe Wicks confessed he is struggling with his mental health following the news that the UK is going back into lockdown.

Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, was dubbed 'the nation’s PE teacher' when he created his free lockdown workouts for schoolchildren and their families as the pandemic hit last year.

Famous for his exercise videos and lean in 15 recipes, the fitness fanatic has spoken candidly about how the new national lockdown is affecting his mental health and his fears for others.

In the heart-breaking Instagram video, Joe broke down in tears as he discussed the specific challenges that people who live in small council flats may face because of the new measures.

“I’m thinking about all those people out there who are struggling. Those who have got families and kids who are living in tiny little flats who can’t afford healthy food and heating. I was one of those kids I was living in a council flat 30 years ago when I was a kid,” he said.


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He went on to say that although diet and exercise might be low on the list of priorities for many of us at the moment, it’s important that we are conscious of our health at this time.

“It might be the last thing that you think about, you might just be in such a low state of mind that you don’t want to exercise, it’s the last thing that you want to do but it really is going to help you get through your day.”

Joe Wicks PE lesson

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Joe then announced that he will be restarting PE with Joe, three days a week starting on Monday 11 January. 

He stated that although he would only be able to do short lessons three days a week due to his workload, but he hopes that this will be enough to encourage his viewers to get active, describing his workouts as: “something positive to focus on and to start your day.”

Joe also gave some comfort to those who just want to duck their heads under the covers, “It’s ok to feel vulnerable and put it out there and not be embarrassed or ashamed about it.

"So many people are going through this and we’re just supposed to get on with it and be motivated but some days you’re not going to be. Some days you’ll want to just sit in bed and watch TV and eat junk food - and that happens to me some days.”