Joe Wicks opens up on his biggest parenting challenge - and it’s totally relatable

The Bodycoach is a dad-of-three with wife Rosie

Joe Wicks
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Joe Wicks has revealed his 'biggest parenting challenge' and it's totally relatable.

The fitness guru has opened up on his life as a father-of-three to Indigo, five, Marley, three, and daughter Leni, one, who he has with wife Rosie.

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Speaking on Ayda Williams' podcast Postcards From The Edge, the fitness coach, presenter and cook - who is famous for his Joe Wicks Chicken Pie - has admitted he wants to expand his family.

Joe Wicks said, "It's obviously a massive change having kids and I love being a parent. It's one of my favourite things. Obviously I've got three kids, but we actually want four or five. I'm not far off, but we love it. We love being parents."

But, like most people who contemplate having another baby, Joe has doubts over having more kids and it's due to this one common parenting dilemma. 

"I think that's the biggest challenge for us in a relationship, parenting and obviously finding time for ourselves."

Joe has even taken his wife and kids on the road and stage with him as he recently performed one of his workouts in front of thousands of fans.

But, like most parents who rely on family to look after their children from time to time, Joe says he and Rosie have managed to get some alone time thanks to his mum being on hand to babysit.

He explained, "I'm so blessed, my mum had me when she was 19, a really young mum who can have the kids for the night and we can have fun weekends away. We went to Coachella in April and I couldn't do those things if it wasn't for my mum." 

The also recently went to Glastonbury without the kids.

Joe's attention turned back to the very relatable stresses of parenting. He added, "It’s hard, my kids are amazing, but they argue all day, they stress you out. We never get to talk at all around the kids, because they're always interrupting you. So having two hours for dinner or going to watch a movie sometime is all it takes."

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