This is why royal fans are convinced Kate Middleton is pregnant again

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  • Kate Middleton welcomed her third child last year, but royal fans think she might be pregnant again – and all thanks to this one small detail…

    The mum-of-three always looks fabulous whenever she steps outside, but royal fans were especially surprised with her new hair do last week.

    With shorter and lighter locks, the Duchess received endless compliments on social media – but a few royal fans think the new do could mean a new bubba is on the way.

    This is because of a fan theory that says that every time Kate is about to announce a pregnancy, she debuts a new hairstyle in order to divert attention.

    After the pictures of Kate’s new hair came out, royal fans wrote on Twitter: ‘New hair cut is Kate pregnant again ????? she always sports a new hairstyle when she’s pregnant.’

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    Another said: ‘I remember reading something that said when kate’s pregnant she changes up her hair so people look at her hair and not her stomach. Is baby 4 coming?’

    A third added: ‘Kate changed her hair again, I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant AGAIN.’

    Before announcing she was pregnant with baby Louis, Kate sported a much shorter haircut when she went to Wimbledon.

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    She also got a fringe before announcing her first pregnancy with Prince George.

    But apart from royal fans thinking the new cut could suggest baby news, there’s no other indication that Kate could be expecting.

    The mum-of-three has suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum during every pregnancy, so it’s likely her pregnancy would be announced very early on, as she would have to cancel engagements.

    As well as engagements in the UK, Kate is also expected to travel to Pakistan for a royal tour with Prince Willian in the autumn.