Expert reveals when Meghan Markle is likely to announce pregnancy

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    • Meghan Markle could be announcing a new pregnancy as soon as next summer
    • Experts says this is because she will want to wait for a year after giving birth to baby Archie
    • This follows the royal news that the couple will only have two children, said Prince Harry

    It wasn’t long ago that we finally got to see little Archie for the first time, a few days after he was born in early May.

    But as with any other royal couple, fans are already eager for them to have another little bubba.

    And it seems like we might not have to wait long, as an expert suggested the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could surprise us with a baby announcement next summer.

    Katharine Graves, childbirth expert and author of The Hypnobithing Book, told the ‘As women get older, they become very aware of the ticking of their biological clock.

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    ‘Meghan may feel she has to make a choice between allowing pregnancy to happen sooner, realising that it may take longer to get pregnant, but also that a pregnancy that happens sooner means there will be a shorter gap between her two babies.’

    The author also pointed out that the safe gap between pregnancies is thought be 12 months, so the mum could be wait until next year to start trying for another baby.

    ‘A recent study showed the chance of an adverse outcome for an older mother was greater if there was a six-month gap between pregnancies than if there was a longer gap’, she added.

    Prince Harry recently revealed the royal duo are only planning to have two kids, in a bid to protect the environment.

    Discussing his viewpoint on the changing climate with conservationist Dr Jane Goodall as part of his wife Meghan’s edition of British Vogue, Harry said: ‘I view it differently now, without question.

    ‘But I’ve always wanted to try and ensure that, even before having a child and hoping to have children…’

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