Mom shares scary warning over personalizing children's clothes and bags that you might not have thought about

A mom has gone viral with a frightening warning over personalizing children's clothes

warning over personalizing kids' clothes
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A mom has warned against personalizing children's clothing or bags because it can make them more vulnerable in a stranger danger situation.

Remember when it was fashionably cool to wear branded clothing, from retro brands such as NafNaf, French Connection, and Kickers, to the mainstream sports brands Nike and Adidas that most of us have an item in the wardrobe.

Well, like the change in popular names for boys, which has seen Oliver was knocked off the top spot, and the change in Olivia no longer being the most popular girls name, big sports brands or designer are not always the in-thing among youngsters. 

And lockdown seemed to give parents more time to get creative and with the added social media presence of Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch sparking a trend for labelling just about anything, it comes as no surprise that kids want their own name to customize their own clothing.

Now, Dannah Eve, who posts on TikTok as @dannah_eve, has urged all parents to keep their kids safe by not buying them personalized garments.

She said, "Here's something super cute, but something you should never buy for your children. Backpacks or clothing with their name on it."


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She went on to explain why and admitted that it was more of a risk to children than babies. She said that personalized clothing can put them in a "very dangerous situation", explaining that predators often do not look like "these monstrous people" but they are "unbelievable at luring your children away with them."

She warned, "Giving them access to their name is something you never want to do, because, let's face it, the second somebody says a child's name and they turn around, that person now automatically has an upper hand."

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And while parents can breathe a sign of relief when it comes to the cost saving - as a personalized printing machine like Cricut Joy on Amazon UK or Cricut Joy Amazon US in the Cyber Monday deals or ordering items online aren't often as pricy as the designers.'s Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe tries to avoid personalized clothing, explaining, "I know it's hugely popular to have your kid's name on a top or backpack, and I do get it. But I'm too worried that it would give anyone an instant 'in' with my child to then build mis-placed trust on.

"Because of this, I avoid anything personalized, the most I'll go for is an initial."

Fellow moms reacted to the warning video on TikTok, with one commenter writing, "Sad but true. Also explain to your child you would never send someone they’ve never met to pick them up!"

Another follower shared, "Yup, when I was in middle school a lady walked to me and said my name… I was confused and she said “I read your necklace” never wore it again."

And a third said, "Never thought of this."

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