Morrisons launches special ‘Pocket Money Menu’ so children can pay on Mother's Day

Morrisons is launching a special Mother's Day menu with all items priced at less than 99p so that little ones can treat mum with their pocket money. 

Those accustomed to the true origins of Mother's Day will know it's a celebration about small gifts and heartfelt gestures that make mothers smile. They don't have to be pricey, and if you're stuck for ideas, check out the best Mother's Day gifts on the market right now, ranging from luxurious goodies to small trinkets.

And for little ones hoping to treat the special lady in their life with pennies from their pocket money jar, Morrisons has the perfect thing—their 'Pocket Money Menu', with all items priced at less than 99p.

The menu, which launches today, was inspired by the supermarket's youngest visitors and includes mum's favourites including tea, coffee, toasted teacakes, and crumpets for just 99p.

Morrisons' famed doughnuts are also on the menu for just 35p.

There's no need to prep the kitchen for breakfast in bed since everything on the 'Pocket Money Menu' is so affordable that your little one won't break the bank or the hob treating you.

According to RoosterMoney, the average weekly pocket money for kids aged 4 to 10 is £4.12, making the new budget-friendly café menu open to little shoppers looking to pamper their mothers.

Morrisons' Head of Café, Ali Lyons, adds, "Mums are always finding ways to brighten our day. We hope that our 99p Pocket Money Menu will help sons and daughters to show mum their appreciation and spend some quality time together."


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Morrison's has also relaunched its 'Feed the Family' deal for just £10.

Adults can order hand-battered fish and chips, lasagne, jacket potatoes, and burgers, as well as soft drinks and coffee, from a menu of café favourites.

Smaller servings of chicken nuggets or macaroni cheese, along with Tropicana juice or milk, are included in the kids' menu. Along with their main meals, children will receive a piece of fruit.

Tea and coffee will stay at 99p, making them one of the most affordable hot drink options on the high street.

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