Mum’s foolproof hack to ensure you’ll NEVER struggle to change a fitted bed sheet again

It's so simple, the kids could do it!
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  • Mum shares her foolproof way to ensure you'll never struggle to change a fitted bed sheet and it's so simple.

    A mum has shared her foolproof way of changing a fitted bed sheet that ensures you get it right the first time, EVERY time.

    We’ve all been there – when changing the fleece bedding and fitted sheet should take five minutes but instead, we stumble out of the bedroom half an hour later looking like we’ve just had nine rounds of wrestling with a WWE professional.

    But if you want to know how to change a fitted sheet and have the corners fit perfectly every time, then an Australian mum has the answers with her ‘game-changing’ fitted sheet hack that will get rid of ill-fitting corners forever. Hurrah!

    The 52-year-old woman explained that if the sheet’s tags are on the top left or bottom right corners it will fit perfectly every time.

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    woman changing bed sheets

    ‘The times I’ve started stretching the sheet across my king size bed to have to take it off and turn it to the next corner,’ she said.

     ‘All you need to do is make sure the label always goes top left or bottom right,’ she added.

    The mum’s fitted sheet hack was shared on a mum’s Facebook group but asked for people not to judge her for having struggled, and when she asked, ‘How many of you knew that when putting on bedding?’ she was surprised to learn not many people knew about it either.

    Wonder if Mrs Hinch knows about this mum’s fitted sheet hack?

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    Responding to the mum’s fitted sheet hack, one user wrote, ‘Omg the game just changed, I just recently got a king bed and I’m like why is this sheet not fitting.’ Another praised, ‘Wow this will make the job a lot quicker’. And a third admitted, ‘I didn’t know this either and I’m 53 awesome thanks for sharing.’

    And having realised she wasn’t the only one who had struggled for years she replied, ‘I’m so relieved to see I’m not alone in finding this out after years of struggling.’

    So what are you waiting for? Strip the beds and give the mum’s fitted sheet hack a go for yourself…

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