Mum's genius TikTok hack for getting kids ready for school will save you so much time

Busy mum shares her 50p hack to speed up your kids' morning routine ahead of the school run.

Mum's genius TikTok hack for getting kids ready for school
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A mum has shared her 50p hack to get kids ready for school quicker in the morning.

The school run can feel like a constant race against time for some parents - and the smallest thing like losing a school jumper can be the difference between arriving on time or being 10 minutes late.

While some parents look at saving money, some wish for more hours in the day.

It comes after one mum shared her genius hack for never having to call kids down for dinner again and another showed how to get sand off your toes effortlessly.

This mum has a clever hack for keeping all items of school uniform together in a morning now kids are back to school and it costs just 50p.

A savvy mum, @goldilocks.bears.x shared a clip of her clever hack on TikTok, in which she explained, "Grab some drink can tops and keep your kid's uniform organised.

She holds two rung-pull tabs that she's removed from the top of two fizzy drinks cans and uses them to organise the uniform.

First she picks up a hanger with her child's school jumper on it and places one of the ring-pulls on the top of the hanger so that she can hook another hanger, which has her son's trousers on, through the hole so it hangs beneath it. 

The savvy mum then repeats this step using another hanger that has her son's white polo shirt on and shares the final look with her followers - showing all three items of the school uniform hanging neatly together.


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The hack has been viewed 398k times and one person commented, "Omg genius"

Another user put, "That's good idea but I fold the trousers hang them inside then hang the shirt and jumper on top like ur wear it that order 😂"

And a third person added, "Brilliant! I'll be doing that! thanks."

Meanwhile a fourth mum, joked, "Brilliant reason to open a can of lemonade to pour into my gin! I’ll need to have 5 for a whole week of uniform 😆👌🏻"

Mum's hack for getting kids ready for school

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The hack can be particularly helpful to parents who have more than one child to get ready in a morning, as it stops the uniforms from getting mixed up or lost. and it's also a great space saver. 

Children can also use it as a good pointer in telling them which item of clothing to wear first when dressing themselves.

Independence and a time saver - it's a win, win.

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