Prince George and Prince Harry both love this Disney film

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  • Prince George and Prince Harry won't be arguing over what film to put on if they ever have a movie night, as it seems they both have a sweet spot for Disney's The Lion King.

    Prince George has had an action-packed summer with a luxurious trip to the Caribbean, days out to watch horse trials and fun times running around and cycling with his sister Princess Charlotte.

    But given the weather has been so lovely, it’s unlikely he’s spent much time in front of the telly enjoying movie marathons. If the young prince had been given control over the movie choice though, we know what he would be picking…

    Last October father-of-three Prince William disclosed Prince George’s favourite film and revealed he’d watched it multiple times. Prince William said: ‘He quite likes The Lion KingWe’ve watched that a few times.’

    And it seems George’s uncle Prince Harry also loves this Disney film – perhaps this is where his nephew’s interest in the film stems from?

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    Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle attended the WellChild Awards yesterday held to celebrate the inspirational lives of seriously ill children.

    When the couple sat down with 10-year-old Chloe Henderson, Harry made the admission about his favourite Disney film and Meghan revealed her film of choice too.

    Daily Mail royal correspondent Rebecca English, who was at the event reported: ‘Randomly, Harry revealed @WellChild that he loves the Lion King, while Meghan has “always loved the Little Mermaid”. Both said they liked Zootropolis and Moana – Harry said his favourite moment was “when the chicken [Heihei] comes up and he finds himself out at sea in a boat”.’

    Prince Harry has a close bond with his niece and nephews and it’s proof, that when he and Meghan decide to have their own children, he’ll adapt to fatherhood with no problems.

    Although the couple have been open about their desire to start a family, they haven’t made any pregnancy announcements just yet!