Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may break tradition and send their first child to an American school

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  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly considering sending their first child to an American school, which is more ‘diverse’ than the likes of Eton College.

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle only have a matter of months to go before they’ll welcome their first child together.

    If you’re in a similar stage of your pregnancy, you might not have even decided on a baby name you and your partner can agree on.

    And although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly don’t even know the gender of their baby, when you’re part of the royal family there is no stone that can be left un-turned.

    Their baby isn’t due to be born until April but it has been reported that Harry and Meghan are already talking about the school they want their child to attend.

    While Prince Harry and his brother Prince William both attended Eton College, it seems the father-to-be is considering breaking tradition with his own child.

    The Sunday Times report that Harry and Meghan are looking at an international college, which is close to their Frogmore Cottage residence in Windsor.

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    It is reported that Harry and Meghan are particularly keen on the ACS Egham, formerly known as the American Community School.

    The 20-acre campus in Surrey is situated opposite Windsor Great Park and has students from 60 countries. ACS Egham takes pupils aged from four to 18-years-old and is known for its international curriculum.

    On the website the school boasts: ‘We welcome people of all cultures from around the world to create a powerful, shared experience that shapes the way we teach and learn, and actively defines our international character.’

    School fees are much cheaper at ACS Egham compared to Eton, but Harry and Meghan probably don’t need to worry about the cost of educating their little one.

    Meghan attended a Catholic private school for girls in Los Angeles and it reportedly keen for her children to be aware of and proud of their American heritage.

    As we’ve still a few months to wait until we even see the new royal baby, it’s likely we’ll be waiting a few years before we find out Harry and Meghan’s final school decision.

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