These new student names are proving tricky for teachers - could you say and spell them?

The growing number of unusual baby names is starting to impact mainstream schools

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With the summer holidays underway, many families are already preparing for the new school term. But new student names could become a stumbling block for teachers.

As unusual baby names continue to rise in popularity, with parents choosing cool baby names or using a baby names generator tool to pick out the best baby names for their newborns, it's only a matter of time before the youngsters grow up and start filtering through the education system.

And one teacher has shared some unique names and the effect they could have on a daily basis - from calling the class register to asking a child to answer a question.

In a post on Facebook, the teacher shared some of the unexpected names that have cropped up on her "school enrolments this year".

And while some names like Jaxen and Aliyah are different to the 90s toy inspired baby names, they're not as wild as the others on the list which include; Christisarah, Rhydah, Presillar, Anjewel’Lea and Biar Biar.

That's just five children, now imagine a class full, with other pupils called Maz, Angel-Lee, Deklyn, Alarna, Karleb and Aaryah.

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And it's sparked a reaction from parents, with many baffled by the name choices.

One parent commented, "These parents really aren't thinking it through."

Another agreed, adding, "I think a lot of the parents should be enrolling because clearly they never graduated from grade school."

And a third parent put, "This really is tragic, at least none of them will get bullied because they're all so bad lol."

While others have defended the names, one noted, "Normal names on this list include Diamond, Aliyah, Jaylene, Porsha, and Aalijah."

And other teachers have shared some names that get an even bigger eyebrow raise.

"I had one that was J’ley and pronounced 'jaylee'" said one teacher, and another added, "I had a kid named pistol. I feel like that speaks for itself."

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How to pronounce these unusual new starter names

With a little help from we've put how to say the names below, but some names weren't recognised so we've done our own phonetic calculations...

  • Christisarah - pronounced Christi-sarah or Christy-sarah
  • Rhydah - pronounced Ri-der
  • Presillar - pronounced Prescila and means 'stapled together' in Spanish
  • Anjewel’Lea - pronounced An-jewel'-Lee-ah or An-jew-el' - Lee-ah
  • Biar Biar - pronounced bi-ar or buyer
  • Maz - pronounced Maz
  • Angel-Lee - pronounced Angel-Lee
  • Deklyn - pronounced Dek-lyn and it's a Gaelic unisex that means 'full of goodness' 
  • Alarna - pronounced alar-na and is of English origin and means 'care'
  • Karleb - pronounced kar-leb
  • Aaryah - pronounced air-yah

Now why not get someone to read the names out loud to you and have a go at spelling them - remember to check which ones you get right and re-learn the ones you got wrong. And that's without even having to teach the children. 

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