90s toy-inspired baby names are trending - but step aside Barbie, there’s a new kid on the block

Thanks to the release of the new Barbie movie, baby names inspired by our favourite 90s toys are on the rise - but which is your fave?

Barbie, Power Rangers and Pokemon toys
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Thanks to the release of the new Barbie movie 90s toy-inspired baby names are trending - but another name has tipped Barbie to the top spot.

That's right, just days after the Barbie movie coming out, the Barbie movie age rating isn't the only thing to get families talking. In fact, it's become the talking point of some couples who are looking for baby name inspiration.

According to the experts at Pippeta, baby names based on popular toy franchises like Barbie, Pokémon, and even the Power Rangers cast, from the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Netflix movie, have all had a significant increase in popularity according to Google Search Trend data. 

Aimee Cestrone, managing director of award-winning baby-supplies business Pippeta noted,The toy franchises of the 90s undeniably had a significant impact on baby naming trends. During that era, several iconic toy lines such as Barbie, Pokémon, Power Rangers and even Furby captured the imagination of children and even influenced the names parents chose for their newborns. Now with the new Barbie moving set to hit our screens, it seems that these baby names are once again trending.”

Let's see which best selling toys of the 90s have made the baby name cut from the data which uses Baby Name UK and Google Trends to compile the following results of the most in-demand baby names inspired by 90s toys...

90s toy-inspired baby names


Inspired by Pokémon, Brock is a lead character from the media franchise consisting of video games, television series and films, trading cards, countless pieces of merchandise! The name Brock, has risen 807 places in the last 10 years. 

Meaning: Badger

Origin: English 

Name Popularity: 48%


The name ‘Zackary’ inspired by the character Zac (the black costume) in Power Rangers has risen by 173 places in the last year. 

Meaning: The Lord recalled

Origin: Hebrew 

Name Popularity: 84% 


A female take on the name ‘Ken’ from the franchise, this Barbie inspired name has risen 173 places in the last year.

Meaning: From the bright valley

Origin: Celtic 

Name Popularity: 85% 


‘Misty’ is one of the lead characters in the Pokémon franchise and this name has risen by 80 places in the last year. 

Meaning: Covered with a mist 

Origin: English 

Name Popularity: 65% 

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Kenneth ‘Ken’

‘Kenneth’ is the full derivative of the nickname Ken - Barbie's love interest - and it has risen 72 places in the last year. 

Meaning: Handsome

Origin: Celtic 

Name Popularity: 77%


Chelsea’ is the youngest of Barbie’s sisters and this name has risen by 61 places in the last year. 

Meaning: Port 

Origin: English 

Name Popularity: 86% 

Chelsea Barbie doll

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Inspired by the 90’s toy franchise ‘Polly Pocket’ the name Polly has risen 49 places in the last year.

Meaning: The perfect one
Name Popularity: 


Teresa’ is one of Barbie’s best friends and this name has risen 47 places in the last year.

Meaning: Harvester

Origin: Latin 

Name Popularity: 75%

Teresa Barbie Doll

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A derivative of the name ‘Ash’ the main character in the Pokémon franchise, this name has risen 13 places in the last year. 

Meaning: Lucky, blessed, happy

Origin: Hebrew

Name Popularity: 96% 


Inspired by the name of the Red Power Ranger, this name has risen 3 places in the last year. 

Meaning: Healer 

Origin: Greek 

Name Popularity: 96% 


Inspired by one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the name ‘Raphael’ has risen by 2 places in the last year and 60 places in the last 10 years. 

Meaning: God has healed
Name Popularity: 


Inspired by Jake ‘Stretch’ Armstrong the name Jake has risen by 1 place within the last year. 

Meaning: Held by the heel
Name Popularity: 

Stretch Armstrong toys

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Aimee stressed, “It's important to note that while these toy franchises are influencing baby naming trends, not every name directly corresponded to a specific character. Sometimes, the influence was more subtle, with parents drawn to the overall themes, qualities, or cultural significance associated with these franchises.”

She added, “The 90s toy franchises left an indelible mark on popular culture, and their impact extended to the names given to children back then and again now. They reflect a sense of nostalgia, fun, and creativity that parents sought to instil in their newborns, showcasing the lasting influence of toys on the choices we make for our children.

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